Is Your Markham Business Gambling With Backups

According to a research conducted by Optus, more than half of all Markham businesses do not have a website! Sounds depressing doesn’t it?

But more depressing than that is the fact that only 21% of the 850 SMBs surveyed actually bothered regularly backing up their data. Out of the 21% who regularly backed up their data, 53% reporting doing it onsite, while just 8% said they did it offsite. Well, it’s great that some SMBs are taking measures to keep their data safe but we have a bone of contention here… is backing up data onsite the right thing to do? We mean, how useful is having data backed up right beside the original data when both of them could be destroyed by a fire or any other natural disaster?

So what should you do? Try cloud-based services instead! They allow you to back up data regularly and your data is stored offsite. Plus, they also allow relatively cheap access to online back-up services. Trust us; there is no time to waste pondering over what to do. Back up your data today, if you haven’t, and choose Dynamix and stop gambling with your backups today? We are your trusted Markham backup and disaster recovery professionals.

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