Is Your Current Data Protection Good Enough?

Your data is a valuable asset. What are you doing to protect it? And is that protection effective? If it isn’t, your information is vulnerable to hackers and other criminals who can exploit it. Such an attack could cost you a great deal of money, in addition to the blow your company’s reputation would suffer.

What’s an effective way to secure your data? Consider cloud data protection, which keeps your information safely stored offsite.

Your Current Data Protection Strategy

Many IT managers believe archiving is a perfectly suitable solution to safeguard data. Archiving is a way of storing a file that is no longer changing.

The purpose of archiving is to create a snapshot of a file. There’s no metadata, which is information about the data stored. When you store something in an archive, you can perform a broad search in order to find it. Archiving is also helpful if a company needs to provide documents in the event of a court case.

Why Archiving Isn’t Good Enough

Archiving serves a specific purpose. However, it is not enough to completely protect data.

If the information you need to store is dynamic, archiving isn’t going to do the job. Let’s say your firm uses a CRM, and employees update it many times a day. Should there be some kind of outage or your business experiences downtime, you can’t get that data back.

Furthermore, retrieving files from digital archives is a very slow process. It can take hours or even days. That simply isn’t good enough when you need data immediately.

Cloud Data Protection: A Superior Alternative

A cloud data protection solution stores information offsite in a data centre. Data centres are facilities where there are hundreds of computers which process and accumulate files.

Why is storing your data in the cloud a superior alternative to archiving? The cloud allows users to access files and make changes to them. Moreover, they can quickly find the information they need.

Storing the data offsite adds a layer of protection. For example, if a natural or man-made disaster strikes your facility, your employees won’t be able to enter it and use their computers. Conversely, cloud storage lets them use applications such as your CRM and email system, so your company can continue to function.

Dynamix Solutions: Cloud Data Protection Experts

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