Is Your Corporate IT Department Dead?

Gone are those days when your internal IT department had absolute control over all the technology decisions of the entire enterprise. As Brook Miller, chief technology officer at Motivequest, rightly puts it “Your IT department is dead!” Here is why the IT manager no longer holds supreme control:

  1. Your IT department can’t control the technology used by every employee: The department’s role in deciding what technology to use inside a business and to communicate with company systems has now become a thing of the past. With end users signing up for external services while still relying on the company’s IT department for connectivity proves this.
  2. Your IT department can’t control how the consumer will access the company’s electronic resources.
  3. Your IT department can’t control all of your employee’s access to social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube: Controlling employees’ Web activities during the workday might be a good option but that is still not going to keep the employees from using their tablet or smartphone to find what they are looking for.
  4. Your IT department can’t maintain absolute security: No matter how hard the IT managers try, there will always be hackers and phishers doing the best to outwit them.
  5. The data has escaped the IT managers data center: Since data has moved into the clouds (we are sure you’ve heard of Software-as-a-service such as Google Apps, Amazon Cloud Drive, Apple iCloud and Dropbox), desktop software is almost as dead as the IT department. Most employees and customers have gone mobile now, and it is only fair for them to seek applications and data that are live on the Web.

So, does that mean the IT manager has nothing to do? He or she sure does:

1. Solving a business problem with technology instead of always implementing new ones.

2. Embrace social media because it is undefeatable. Remember the expression, “If you can’t win them, join them?” It isn’t such a bad thing, after all. Instead focus on how you can use these sites to take the information inside the company.

There are many things your IT Manager can do to help your business leverage technology and allow the right IT solutions to move your business forward.  Dynamix offers virtual IT manager and CIO services to many businesses throughout the GTA.  Contact us today to learn more about our complete range of Toronto IT support services.

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