Is Our Business Too Small For Managed IT Services?

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It’s natural when first beginning a business to start out doing many things yourself. Business owners want to save money and keep overhead as low as possible while they grow.

But some decisions to “do-it-yourself” can actually cost you more.

One example of this would be if you tried to tend to your HVAC system on your own. Perhaps you just ignore it and hope all goes well. Then you’re hit with a major repair expense and days without heat or air conditioning because you tried to handle it without a professional.

The same is true for technology. It’s a vital part of any business. When technology isn’t running efficiently, it can slow down orders, decrease productivity, and basically tank office output.

When technology completely goes down, today’s businesses are pretty much closed or at the very least, running at just a small percentage of full capacity.

The bottom line is that no matter what size your business is, from a large enterprise to a one-person consulting business, technology is vital to keeping it running.

What’s the Cost of Not Having Your Technology Handled Professionally?

When your computer, router, and phone system are working fine, it may be difficult to see the need for managed IT services. But as soon as something goes wrong, you’re in panic mode and scrambling to get things running properly again.

The purpose of managed IT support is to keep those systems running smoothly, fully optimized, and to ward off any issues before they cause you major problems.

If you’re not keeping your technology well maintained, here’s what it can cost you:

  • Downtime: The average cost of downtime is $6,766 CAD per minute.
  • Productivity Losses: The average employee wastes 22 minutes/day dealing with technology issues (that’s over 2 weeks per year!).
  • Cyber Attack: A cyber attack costs the average small business $241,644 CAD.

How Managed IT Services Benefit Any Size Business

Even if you have a small 1-person business, you can benefit from signing up for a managed IT support plan.

For example, say you’re a freelance graphic designer that earns $35 per hour for your work. If you have a slow or problematic computer, it could cut into your productivity time to the tune of an hour per day.

That’s 5 hours per week (M-F) less that you can work because of technology problems. If you calculate that for a month times your hourly rate, that would equate to $700 per month in lost potential income that could be recaptured by having a professional keep your PC optimized and protected remotely.

Let’s take a look at all the ways a small (or large) business can benefit from using managed IT services.

Keeps Computer(s) Running Smoothly

Part of managed IT support is monitoring systems for slowdowns and keeping computers optimized. 

Sometimes a hard drive might need some cleanup or an internet cache might need to be cleared. There are multiple areas of a PC that can become problematic and cause a slowdown.

Our expert technicians work to keep servers and computers running like clockwork, so they drive productivity instead of slowing it down.

Ensures You’re Not Left at Risk of a Cyberattack

Things like ongoing network monitoring, managed antivirus, and patch and update management all keep devices secured from attacks and malware infections.

One attack can mean a significant loss of income for a small business, and be much more than the cost of an annual managed services plan. 

When you work with an IT pro, experts handle your security so you can rest easy and not worry about walking into a ransomware note on a computer and a business that’s down for the count.

Your Data Is Taken Care Of

Data loss can happen due to many reasons. It could be due to a hard drive crash, physical damage from a storm, or employee error. 

Managed backup and disaster recovery support are part of working with a managed IT services team in Toronto, GTA, and Calgary. Your data is backed up regularly and backups are monitored to ensure they haven’t stalled and are capturing all the new information regularly.

Improved Equipment Longevity

If you never have your oil changed in your car, it won’t last nearly as long as it should. If you never have your computer serviced or cleaned, the same will happen, it will have a much shorter usable lifespan.

When your hardware is being maintained regularly and kept in top condition, you can avoid problems like hard drive crashes and motherboard meltdowns. You get the full expected lifespan (plus some) and enjoy a higher return on your investment.

Convenient & Fast Remote Help

Most of the managed IT services work can be handled remotely. So, you don’t have to worry about having your work interrupted. 

Another benefit of having a managed support plan is that it gives you instant access to remote support whenever you need it. Instead of wasting an hour struggling with an email issue, you can contact your IT Pro and get help remotely in a matter of minutes.

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