How Much Can You REALLY Save? Outsourcing IT Advantages and Disadvantages

Before you determine whether you want to manage your company’s information technology internally or via an outsourced company, you should consider IT outsourcing advantages and disadvantages. The information in this article will help you make an informed decision.


Outsourced IT support already has a system in place to resolve problems

It is difficult to establish a system wherein your internal IT support can provide streamlined services to your entire network. An outsourced company will already have such a system in place to handle IT issues efficiently.

As the Flatworld Solutions consulting services team said in a recent blog post, “Effectively the tasks can be completed faster and with better quality output.”

Outsourced IT is cost-effective

A service bill is less expensive than a competitive salary. Keep in mind that with outsourced IT support, you will have an entire team of IT professionals at your disposal at a significantly discounted price.

To put this into perspective, in 2013 half of all IT managers earned $123,950 or more; the lowest paid earned $76,420. For a successful internal IT support system, you will need to hire a team of people command this salary.

Outsourcing IT removes the distraction that computer troubles can cause

When you outsource IT support, your entire company can focus on what it does best — as opposed to trying to learn how to manage servers.

Outsourced IT companies usually have more technological resources

Resolving computer troubles is easier when you have the latest technology to help. When you outsource, you will always have the best resources at your disposal, because it is an integral part of what external IT organizations do.


Outsourcing IT takes away some of your company’s control over its resources

When you outsource anything, you are inherently giving up power over something. An outside company may not be completely in sync with your company’s operations, despite the control that you give them.

As Colette Meehan of Demand Media said in a recent article, “Project implementation timelines may suffer as a result.”

Sensitive data can be put at risk

By giving an outsourced organization access to your digital resources, you are also giving them a path to access your most sensitive materials. While they can be protected, this is still something that you should keep in mind.

It can be difficult to budget accurately

The cost if outsourced IT services can vary widely. This, along with the fact that prices aren’t always fixed, can make it difficult to effectively manage your IT budget.

Quality can vary greatly with outsourced IT

Like everything else, there are good and bad outsourcing IT services.

Carefully consider how IT outsourcing advantages and disadvantages affect your business before you decide

Your decision about whether or not outsourced IT support is best for your company should look at the big picture, as opposed to just one or two factors. Anything less than comprehensively comparing all IT outsourcing advantages and disadvantages, and you are selling your company short.

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