How Managed Services Protects Your Company From Malware

managed services TorontoHow secure do you feel? Network security is always at the top of the list of reasons companies look to managed services in Toronto, Markham and the GTA.

Even the most web savvy employee can introduce a threat into your company. Any malware costs you money by causing downtime, or tying up your valuable IT resources to find and fix the problem.

“Malware introduced by employees surfing the Web was the biggest concern, say the majority of security experts surveyed by Osterman Research,” wrote Robert Westervelt in an article called Malware At Work: Why Managed Security Services Are Taking Off.

“Nearly three-quarters of the 157 enterprise security professionals surveyed by Osterman said malware infiltrated the corporate network through Web surfing.”

This is why more companies of all sizes are outsourcing their IT via managed services. Rather than pay for an employee (or team) to monitor their network, they’re opting for an outsourced solution. This often gives them 24/7 monitoring and maintenance, at a much lower cost.

Some companies are using cheap and ineffective ways of keeping their networks safe. They limit the websites their employees are allowed to visit from their workstations; cutting off access to Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.

“Blocking and restricting access doesn’t necessarily result in fewer infections and can irk employees, causing risks in other areas,” wrote Westervelt.

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