How IT Outsourcing in Toronto Will Change in the “Post-PC Era”

The face of the IT sector is changing, in Toronto and the rest of the world. Companies that are looking to outsource their IT today have totally different needs than they did 10 years ago.

Industry experts talk about the “Post PC Era,” as people are now unshackled from their desktop computers.

Employees now rely on IT staff to make sure every device is connected and optimized. Whether or not you’re in the office should be irrelevant, and you should be able to access anything from your laptop, tablet or phone.

“We’re not on a 10-year reinvention path anymore for enterprise IT,” said David Nichols, Americas IT Transformation Leader at Ernst & Young. “It’s more like [a] five-year or four-year path. And it’s getting faster. It’s going to happen at a pace we haven’t seen before.”

While it’s proving to be harder to predict what the next big thing in enterprise technology will be, IT providers that remain adaptable will continue to thrive.

“Predicting the future is hard, especially when you have an installed base to consider. But it’s not hard to identify the economic, technological, and cultural forces that are converging right now to shape the future of enterprise IT in the short term,” wrote Sean Gallagher in a recent blog at

With all data heading towards the cloud, and new technologies like Google glass on the horizon, you need to stay nimble in how you spend your IT dollars. Outsourcing your IT can help protect you from the cost of constantly up-training your in-house IT staff to keep up with what’s currently relevant.

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