How Important is Managing your IT Assets?


If asset management was fun, everyone would be doing it. Managing inventories or counting stock on shelves is not that exciting. Neither is keeping track of your computer systems, software licenses and any other asset found on your computer network.

We all know that it is important, especially tracking software compliances; but it never makes it to the top of the priority list. Software compliance rapidly becomes important when your business is threatened with a software audit. It happens to organizations large and small.

Why Is It So Important to Make Sure Your It Assets Are Managed?

Many businesses throughout the GTA overspend on software. They may have too many Windows licenses, or they may have the wrong type of licensing. Microsoft is one company that offers many licensing types to meet the needs of the organization. Depending on your budget, needs and size, Microsoft may have a better licensing model available.

Before investing in new software or that specialized business application, having an up to date hardware inventory will let you know if you have the right systems to run the application. When Windows Small Business Server 2008 was released, many small businesses were not aware of the need for new 64-bit server hardware, adding extra expenses to their server project.

Dynamix Solutions can help with making sure your software licenses are in order and you have an up to date hardware inventory. In most occasions when you come on board as a client and subscribe to our managed IT services plans, an audit and inventory are automatically done in most cases.

If we can help, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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