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We provide full managed IT Services, remote IT support & consulting services custom to your business and budget

We Manage Your Technology!

Dynamix is a reliable local and fully certified Managed IT Provider in Toronto and Calgary that could manage your:
  • Managed IT Service
  • Computer and network support
  • Remote IT support
  • Dark Web Monitoring & Identity Theft Protection
  • Managed IT Service
  • Computer and network support
  • Remote IT support
  • Dark Web Monitoring & Identity Theft Protection
Do you suspect you’re spending too much on IT Support and Network upkeep, without seeing a return on your investment? You’re probably right
It’s been estimated that companies overspent by more than $207 billion on technology and telecom purchases each year, while the average enterprise is overpaying anywhere from 8% to 25% on software and hardware support.
Dynamix Solutions is a leading Managed IT Services, IT Support, IT Solutions, & IT Consulting Provider serving Toronto, GTA, Calgary and surrounding areas


  • Hardware Installation
  • Hardware Maintenance
  • Software Development
  • Network Administration
  • Cloud Services
  • Disaster Recovery


  • Full IT support
  • Workstation support
  • Servers support
  • Network support
  • System maintenance
  • Computer support


  • Full remote support
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Server monitoring
  • Desktop monitoring
  • Min-by-min monitoring
  • Maximize network uptime


  • Dedicated help desk
  • Available to all clients
  • Phone call support
  • Experienced engineers
  • 24/7 services


  • Network security solutions
  • Firewall management
  • Virus protections
  • VPNs services
  • Intrusion detection


  • Patch management
  • Spyware/Trojan/Virus removal
  • System alerts watch
  • Disk space monitoring
  • Asset management

When you staff an in-house IT team, you have to pay for a number of expenses such as:

  • Salaries
  • Computers, hardware devices
  • Benefit plans
  • Sick days
  • Vacation days
  • Employee turnover
  • Extra office space and utilities
What if you could just pay for IT services, without paying anything else? So every dollar you spend goes directly to managing your IT and devices, giving you an immediate return on investment.

You also do away with the costs and headaches associated with staffing your team. There’s no worrying about attracting, interviewing and hiring technical employees, when you may not even be sure what you need.

Also, when an employee leaves (which is unavoidable), they take all of their experience, skills, certification and knowledge of your company with them. You have to spend thousands to hire, train and acclimate a new employee, just to get back to where you were before you lost the last employee.

If you outsource your IT services, you get access to the exact same skills and expertise each and every day, without worrying about employee turnover or its associated costs.

Outsourcing IT to Dynamix Managed IT Services Company Saves You Money
You hired an IT staff because you wanted 24/7 support for your network, hardware and devices. But you don’t need to pay full-time salaries to get full-time service.

Partners and Friends and Clients

Dynamix Solutions provides a range of Managed IT Services designed to accelerate business productivity, from expert installation and implementation to remote and on-site system management.

Our office in Markham serves Toronto and the GTA. Our office in Calgary serves Calgary and surrounding areas.

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Industry Insight

Quadstar Corp

“After struggling to manage our IT environment internally for years we contracted Dynamix Solutions to manage our IT environment. We are thrilled with the level of support and highly recommend them!”

Student Price Card

“SPC is very pleased with the partnership with Dynamix Solutions. They have shown genuine interest in our business and are proactive with solutions to improve our current infrastructure. We’re truly satisfied with their services and the quality of people they’ve brought to bear to the partnership.”

The Morel Group of Companies

“Dynamix provided the industry knowledge that made our company feel secure, the personal care that made our company feel appreciated, and the quick response times that assured our requests were quickly resolved. We are extremely happy with our choice and you will be too!”

Our Service

IT Outsourcing Services

Some of the IT outsourcing services we offer include:
  • Software upgrades and updates – software requires updates to prevent security breaches and hits.
  • Virus shield – prevent malware and viruses that can be costly to fix and reduce employee productivity.
  • Security and firewall admin – protect your network from attacks and protect your sensitive company and client information.
  • Bandwidth monitoring – monitoring upload and download speed can help track your network’s bandwidth limits and speed up your infrastructure.
  • Product license management – get help monitoring your licenses to reduce license waste, saving your company unneeded, additional costs.
  • Vendor management – let us take care of contracts, communications, vendor relationships, and implementation.
  • Connectivity to the network and other devices – remote network management.
  • Cloud Management – we monitor cloud activity to help companies reduce costs of IT infrastructure and ensure high volumes of data can be stored and processed safely and efficiently.
Save money without cutting corners with our IT outsourcing services. By doing initial research on which outsourcing solution is best for your company now, you will save time later knowing that our experts that stay up to date on your service needs are preventing and handling any issues as they may arise. If you get stuck, our team can help you decide which service is right for your business.

We offer hardware installation, maintenance, network and service administration, and disaster recovery to meet you where you are with your current and future needs.

Computer and Network Support

Service overview- We provide back-end maintenance, support, and problem resolution remotely with our network operations center in a centralized location.

Our full service support includes:

  • Router, firewall, network switch support, monitoring and maintenance
  • Computer application support
  • Computer help, both remote and on-site
Turn your company’s slow computers into a productivity powerhouse by upgrading your network. We can help you monitor things like devices using the network, system maintenance, net flow, and network health.

By outsourcing your network and computer support, you free up in house IT employees to work on core big-picture projects. You’ll also save money by only paying for the services you need, no add-ons and nobody extra on staff to have to deal with sick days and vacation.

Having a team dedicated solely to support also allows for a faster issue resolution time. Dynamix is pleased to offer 24/7 remote support from our network operations center to give you peace of mind.

We also help reduce network downtime by providing preventative maintenance, which not only saves you a headache but also saves money later down the line on expensive surprises.

In addition to preventative maintenance and emergency support, at our network operations center we can perform the following services:

  • Performance reporting and improvement recommendations
  • Firewall and intrusion prevention system monitoring and management
  • Network discovery and assessments
  • Optimization and quality of service reporting
  • Patch management and whitelisting
  • Backup and storage management
  • Email management services
  • Voice and video traffic management
  • Antivirus scanning and remediation
  • Shared threat analysis
  • Policy enforcement
  • Application software installations, troubleshooting and updating

Remote IT Support

Often, small to medium-sized businesses are not in the position to hire full-time IT employees. This is why remote technical support services might be the best fit for your company.

Nearly any computer issue can be resolved via remote IT support, including scanning for malware, installing drivers, upgrading business applications and software, and removing computer viruses.

Top benefits include:

  • Increased response time– Remote technical support can be provided as soon as someone answers your phone call. This is a significant cut in response time compared to waiting for a technician to visit your office. If you work with a managed IT services provider, there will always be support agents available to service your network and computers on demand.
  • Minimized Cost– Remote computer support from managed IT service providers are typically able to assist you without tacking on additional costs that come with an on-site visit. Since it doesn’t cost the company as much, you can extend those savings to the customer, resulting in a lower cost.
  • Focus on Business– As a business owner, your goal is to grow your company. But if you are worried about your IT, it becomes a very tedious and time-consuming task, and you are sacrificing your company’s growth. Remote IT alleviates any concerns and puts you at ease, knowing that any problem will be taken care of.
  • Increased Productivity- Let your employees focus on their primary role instead of being distracted by technical issues.
  • Access to Latest Technology- Technology is always evolving, so how are you to know about every new product, software upgrade or app that can benefit your operations? Your remote IT support provider will be up to date on all of these measures, so your company will always have the latest technology.
  • After Hours Service- As long as your computers are on—and the permission to grant your managed IT service provider access to your computers and/ or network— procedures such as upgrades and troubleshooting can be done at any point in the day. This includes after business hours.
  • Proactive System Maintenance- A managed IT service provider will always be on the lookout for problems. More often than not, providers offer monitoring on a 24/7 basis, allowing problems to be identified and fixed before they have a chance to affect your business.

Help Desk Support

Help desks are used primarily for tactical purposes, resolving immediate technical issues and incidents. They can be incorporated with larger service desks or as a separate operation. The definitive goal is to provide resolutions for user requests as efficiently as possible.

Key values of help desk support include:

  • A single point of contact (SPOC) IT support
  • Incident tracking, problem management
  • Problem resolution
  • Service level agreements (SLA’s)
  • Self-service options for end-users.

Why should you consider outsourcing your IT Help Desk?

Lower your costs

Outsourcing your IT help desk means you’ll no longer be paying for full-time in-house staff to be on-call whenever you need them. Instead, you’ll only be paying for services when you actually need them. This is one of the primary reasons most companies choose to switch to IT help desk outsourcing.

Access experience on-demand

Your company will have access to experienced, trained and fully qualified IT professionals when you need them most.

Share the risk

When you outsource your IT support, the burden of risk is shared, and your company will feel lighter as a result. You no longer need to stay up nights thinking about your IT infrastructure, as you can rest assured it’s in good hands.

Free up resources

Depending on your business’s size, your resources may be limited, and every little saving can make a massive difference in the long run. The resources you free up by outsourcing your IT help desk means you can refocus on other vital processes that can expand your company, such as marketing and social media campaigns, which can help it grow and flourish.

Focus on other business areas

You won’t have your IT department to worry about anymore, so you can concentrate on other areas such as strategic planning. You’ll be able to devote more time to making your business a success. Think about the directions you want to head in, and where you’d like to see your company in five years.

Access to the latest technology

Having access to the best new technology can help give your business a competitive edge. Since most outsourced IT companies use the latest up-to-date technologies, you don’t even have to think about it. Since technology is continually evolving, your competitors will still struggle to keep up, while you’ll automatically have it all at your fingertips.