What to Look For When Hiring An IT Consulting Firm

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Over the years, the importance of IT consulting firms has increased significantly. The health and well-being of a company are directly tied to how well that company utilizes its technology systems. In just three years, between 2017 and 2020, spending by Canadian organizations on technologies and tech services doubled (from CAD 17.6 billion to 35.2 billion).

IT consultants can help organizations identify an existing problem and present the right technology opportunities to deal with the situation. In addition, they also provide training programs that aid the development of your staff, and cybersecurity and compliance solutions. In summary, consultants can provide a lot of guidance that makes it easy for organizations to attain growth, security, and development.

As such, business organizations hire a consulting firm for various reasons. Sometimes, it is the desire for an unbiased opinion or the absence of adequate resources to address the issue internally. While this is true, one crucial question that borders on the mind of business owners is ‘How do we identify the right consulting firm?’

We’ll provide some guidelines that you can take into consideration when hiring a consultant firm. Here are six factors to look for in a good IT partner.


When hiring an IT consulting firm in Toronto, Calgary, or another city, one crucial factor you must look out for is its experience with similar cases. The consulting firm may have had different experiences in other industries. But there may be notable differences between your industry and the ones that the firm has worked with. So, make sure that the consulting firm you want to hire has had experience with companies in your industry. This will make it easier for the consultant to analyze and proffer solutions that fit your distinct needs.

What to expect

  • Proven record of working in the industry
  • The success rate in previous projects


In hiring a consulting firm, you must ascertain that they are knowledgeable about the demands of your industry. The way an organization presents its pitch tells you a lot about its operations. A well-structured IT consulting firm will not present senior-level employees only during its pitch and then refer less-experienced consultants to carry out the actual work. 

It is also essential that the firm has the appropriate certifications that guarantee exemplary standards. Review the firm’s website to find out the certifications held and to gain perspective from case studies of previous clients.

What to expect

  • Knowledge about industry best practices
  • Appropriate certifications

Communication skills

A good consultant must be able to communicate ideas coherently. The communication skills include both orally and written. It is also necessary that the consultant can listen and interpret your wants. To get it right, you must choose a consultant with whom you can have a proper interaction. This is because communication is vital to the success of any project. In addition, you must be able to discuss feedback with the consultant and contact each other if there is a need.

What to expect

  • Interpret clients’ wants into realities
  • Proactive and responsive communication

Detailed contract

When you want to hire a consulting firm, be particular about your business objectives and desired outcomes. You must be willing to discuss everything about your business with the IT consulting firm without holding back. Also, you need to establish a timeframe and present it to the consulting firm. 

Being specific makes it easier for you to identify the suitable firm to hire. A good consulting firm will put these types of details into a comprehensive contract that includes details on expectations, timeframes, and what you can do if you’re not satisfied with the firm’s services. Good IT partners won’t lock you into long-term contracts with no way out.

What to expect

  • Clear and comprehensive contract
  • A detailed contract that doesn’t use vague language

Training employees

Hiring a consulting firm is not solely for discussing problems and getting guidance on solutions. It also involves coaching your employees. Keeping employees well trained in technology and cybersecurity is important to the productivity and profitability of your company.

With the rise in cyberattacks, protecting your employees and the organization is necessary. So, choose a consulting firm that has the expertise in coaching and training employees. A good consulting firm realizes the constant risk that organizations are exposed to as well as the need for employees to utilize technology productively. It will equip employees with modern practices.

What to expect

  • Train employees on cybersecurity practices
  • Train employees in the use of modern technology 


Communicate your budget requirements with the consulting firm. There are many types of IT consulting firms, but some may be overpriced. 

A good consulting firm has various programs designed to meet clients’ budgets. Please don’t be shy to talk money with them. Besides protecting your financial interest, having a budget will also save valuable time. 

What to expect

  • Flexible consulting options
  • Will speak frankly with you about services versus pricing

Hiring the Right Consulting Firm

Hiring a suitable consulting firm can be a daunting task. But, we’ve made it easier for you by providing these tips as a guide. 

Dynamix is a Calgary and Toronto IT consulting firm that offers best practices tailored to meet your industry’s standards. Reach out to us online and experience the difference that having a great IT consulting partner makes for your business.

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