Hackers Have Taken $1.2 Billion Since October 2013

Warnings about the need to maintain solid internet security continue to go unheeded by far too many businesses. In addition to high profile hacks such as the ones perpetrated against Ashley Madison and Sony Entertainment, thousands of smaller hacks go unnoticed everyday, victimizing smaller businesses that can’t afford to take a hit to their bottom line.

Billions Stolen From Business

The FBI recently revealed that at least $1.2 billion has been stolen from businesses who have fallen victim to a variety of internet fraud designed to gain access to valuable bank accounts.

According to the FBI, “the scam has been reported in all 50 states and in 79 countries. Fraudulent transfers have been reported going to 72 countries; however, the majority of the transfers are going to Asian banks located within China and Hong Kong.” The diversity of countries that have reported these hacks shows how widespread the problem has become. In the United States, 7,066 businesses have reported being hacked for a total of $747,659,840.63 while 1,113 victims have been catalogued outside the U.S., with a total cost of $51,238,118.62. The rest of the $1.2 billion was derived from international law enforcement revealing their numbers to the FBI.

The most frequent method of attack is through phishing, which involves sending a malicious email that’s designed to get the user to click on a link, which causes malware to be installed. Other types of phishing scams include email designed to mimic official company communications, causing the recipient to give up passwords or banking information that helps facilitate theft.

Basic Security Prevents Most Hacks

The vast majority of hacks may be avoided by implementing proper security for your computer systems. At the very least, you should connect to the internet through a firewall, hide Wi-Fi connections and encrypt data that’s stored on your email servers and cloud systems.

For some of the hacks, CEOs of companies have been targeted due to their access to accounts and other sensitive information. This underlines the need for company-wide training of security basics. Under no circumstances should an employee think that it’s acceptable to reveal passwords or account information over email, even if the email appears to be legitimate. Staff should also be trained to watch out for small errors that tend to pop up in phishing scams, such as spelling mistakes or incorrect information – both of which should be a strong signal of an illegitimate email.

If you’re not sure where to begin, seeking help from a firm that’s experienced in security is a solid start. Companies such as Dynamix Solutions provide around the clock security services that are scalable according to the individual requirements of an enterprise.

How Secure is Your Data?

Today, it’s extremely important for companies to ensure that their data is secure. Considering that most people lack the knowledge and time to properly ensure the safety of a company’s data, it’s wise to leave this task to professionals.

At Dynamix Solutions, we help companies small and large protect their digital information from getting into the wrong hands.  We can handle all of the technical set up and back up that you need to confidently keep your business safe, while you can focus on the business itself.  

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