Hackers attack Canadian energy giant Telvent

It was shocking to hear that Telvent, the energy giant from Canada, was breached by hackers and a number of its customers’ project files were stolen from its server.  It was really embarrassing for the reputation of a company whose systems are used to control more than half of all oil and gas pipelines in Latin and North America.

The company officials have confirmed the news and have also assured that they have taken all the necessary measures to mitigate the issue. According to security experts, Telvent was hacked by a Chinese hacker group named “the Common Group,” which breached the firewall of the site, penetrated different parts of the Telvent network and installed malicious programs. Through these programs, the hackers managed to steal some customers’ confidential and sensitive project files. Another report also confirmed that a specific file of a Telvent product called OASyS SCADA was also stolen in this breach.

The attack on Telvent is considered as a part of a sustained cyber espionage campaign targeting energy companies. Similar attacks have been reported in other energy organizations from Taiwan, Nigeria, Egypt, Brazil, and Israel. The attack has created a panic and put the whole energy industry on high alert.

This was indeed a big shock for Telvent, which has damaged the image of the company and the trust of its customers. As a precautionary measure, they have already blocked all data links between the customers and the affected portion of the site. Although the breach created problems for customers, Telvent has started providing remote support for its clients. Besides this, the company is also working with legal authorities to resolve the issue as soon as possible. This is a smart move from Telvent to save their site from further attacks. However, the damage is already done, and Telvent will have to pay a big price for it. It took Telvent a long time to earn its reputation. But the attack has already shattered its customers’ trust.