Easy Tips to Keep Your Company’s Passwords Secure

Passwords, like anything else, can be stolen. It’s as easy as you make it for thieves. How secure do you feel? In order to protect your network from being accessed by unauthorized users, you will have to take steps to protect your passwords yourself. Fortunately, this is not a difficult thing to do once you’re aware of the process.

Let’s get started, so you can begin better protecting your business ASAP.

Only Use Outsourced IT Support That Can Provide Security

The IT support team that you work with has a real effect on how well you are able to protect your company’s passwords. This is because they will serve as your first line of defense against those who would try to steal your passwords via the internet.

However, some IT support teams only provide regular computer maintenance and repairs. Make sure to double check that your current IT support is protecting your computers from intrusion. If not, then it may be time to make a change.

Supplement Your Outsourced IT Support with Your Own Password Security

Although it is extremely important to have an outsourced IT support team that is constantly protecting your passwords from theft, it is critical that you are actively protecting your passwords as well.

As easy as it would be to create a password composed of a combination of your favorite food and birthday — or worse, the actual word “password” — do not do it. These make it very easy for people to guess your passwords, making them virtually useless.

A good password consists of a seemingly random array of letters, numbers and symbols, preferably with no actual words or important dates included.

Implement Multi-Level Authentication

Supplementing your company’s passwords with an additional layer of authentication is an excellent way to enhance your computer security. You do not have to add anything as advanced (or as expensive) as biometric identification for this to work either. A security pin, for example, is a great solution for adding another level to the authentication process.

Use Encryption and Automatic Password Entering Software

One of the most popular ways for hackers to remotely steal your information is by discreetly installing a program on your computer that can track your keystrokes as you log in. The best way to protect your passwords from this type of attack is to invest in a digital protection service that encrypts your passwords and automatically enters them for you. This way, the hackers will never stand a chance.

Your Company’s Passwords Can Only Protect You If You Take Care of Them

You simply cannot afford to assume that your passwords will protect your company’s digital assets on their own. You need to actively protect all of your company’s passwords in order to guarantee their security. This includes hiring the best outsourced IT support and taking steps to protect your passwords on your own.

Do You Need Professional Help to Keep Your Company’s Passwords Secure?

Today, many businesses are moving their operations online. Confidential information is saved in the cloud, as well as on company servers, and data in either instance is not typically secure. As a result, it’s extremely important for companies to ensure that their passwords do their job, and protect your data. Considering that most people lack the knowledge and time to properly ensure the safety of a company’s passwords, it’s wise to leave this task to professionals.

At Dynamix Solutions, we help companies small and large protect their digital information from getting into the wrong hands.  We can handle all of the technical set up and back up that you need to confidently keep your business safe, while you can focus on the business itself.  Learn more about how our managed IT services can support your company, or contact us to request a free quote, and start feeling more secure.

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