Dynamix teams up with VM6 and Symantec

Dynamix has teamed up and strengthens key partnerships with two leaders focused on safeguarding information and business data — VM6 VMex and Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition — as viable solutions that protect Canadian business. Business in Canada requires multiple layers of protection, and VM6 and Symantec provide a well-rounded offering at an affordable price.

Dynamix Solutions Becomes New Reseller for VM6 Software and Symantec Endpoint Protection

Dynamix Solutions, a leading managed Toronto IT outsourcing service provider has now extended its reseller capabilities by becoming a certified partner of VM6 software. VM6 is the only all-in-one software solution that virtualizes storage, servers and network at the same time, on a single pair of servers. Dynamix trusts VM6 Software to afford the best protection for their clients. By becoming a reseller of VM6 software, Dynamix has the advantage of learning first hand of new releases and information that can then be passed on to their clients.

“Vmex from VM6 allows us to provide our clients with a high availability solution for server failover without increasing costs or adding any unnecessary complexity to our clients IT infrastructure.” – James Moutsos

In addition, Dynamix has also joined the reseller Beta program for New Symantec Endpoint Protection and Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition. Both of these products will provide businesses of all sizes with the latest advancements in protection while improving system performance and providing advanced features to secure critical data. Participation in the beta program benefits Dynamix Solutions by providing early access to prerelease software and the opportunity to suggest software improvements that may be included in the final release.

“We are excited about our inclusion to Symantec’s beta program; this opportunity allows us to be involved with the evolution of a world class product, allowing us to recommend Symantec products to our clients with confidence.” – James Moutsos

As a result, Dynamix’s customers are able to sufficiently:

  • lower their IT service costs
  • increase productivity and efficiency
  • secure their business platform for today and the future
  • gain peace of mind knowing their IT services are in trusted hands.

VM6 Software, Inc. significantly reduces the cost and difficulties of deploying a high-availability virtualized environment and makes it affordable to most SMBs. No longer do Managed Service Providers have to worry when they describe the functionality, cost or complexity of implementing a virtualized environment. Now business owners and IT managers can be confident that they will have a highly economical and user friendly application while being able to meet all their service level agreements.

Symantec was founded in 1982 and provides security, storage and systems management solutions to consumers and businesses which enables them to secure and manage information securely, completely, and effectively. Using Symantec allows them to securely manage their information against numerous risks that could happen from multiple aspects.

About Dynamix Solutions: Dynamix Solutions provides a range of Managed Information Technology Services designed to accelerate business productivity, from expert installation and implementation to remote and on-site system management and offer a proven service portfolio to customers for complete managed IT solutions and implementation services. If you’d like further information, you can call James Moutsos at 416.657.2449 or email him.

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