Dynamix Solutions Combines IT Productivity & Efficiency Solutions With Shift Recycling Options

Two Leading Information Technology (IT) powerhouse solution companies join together to clean up electronic waste.

Dynamix Solutions takes their IT solutions responsibly in providing a full gamut of services to Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs). So saying, they have developed a service portfolio that is next to none in proving SMBs with implementation services or complete outsourced IT solutions.

Now they are taking this one step further. They have joined forces with Shift Recycling. Shift Recycling provides a convenient and secure electronic equipment recycling solution for businesses. According to Shift, “Electronic waste is an issue that can no longer be ignored. If not dealt with in a responsible manner, electronic waste can have serious consequences for our health and our environment.”

Now Dynamix Solutions is partnering with Shift and learning how Dynamix can take a more active role in protecting our environment by recycling and other alternative methods. Electronic waste is an issue that all businesses need to be cognizant of. Some electronic scrap items like your CRTs and other discarded computer parts discarded circuit boards end up in landfills and may contain harmless chemicals leading to pollution and health issues.

When Dynamix Solutions learned of the enormous impact that electronic waste (also known as e-waste or e-scrap) can mount up in Canada’s landfills each year, (reports of an excess of 40,000 tonnes) Dynamix was appalled. According to James Moutsos, “We can’t ignore the consequences of e-waste any longer. It’s time we step up to the plate and learn all we can to lessen e-waste, increase recycling and then educate our clients about what we’ve learned and the steps we’ve taken. Partnering with Shift Recycling will allow us to take those steps.”

Using only the best services and products, Dynamix Solutions provides top-of-the-line trusted outsourced IT services for networks, servers, applications, and desktops. Only time will tell what new services will arise as a result of their new partnership with Shift Recycling.

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