Does Your Business Do Enough To Mitigate Risk?

Every business should have a strategy and best practices in place to mitigate risks of online hacks, unauthorized access and breaches of security. Businesses hold a large amount of data and personal information about their business practices, staff, contractors and customers. With the privilege of data collection comes the responsibility to protect it from harm.

Don’t wait until it’s too late and your brand ends up headlining the news because there was a hack and data leak. This type of damage is difficult to overcome, and many businesses have had to close their doors after a data breach.

Step #1 Cybersecurity Risk Audit & Assessment

The first step to protecting your business is to identify your information assets that could be at risk, and review the protocols in place to mitigate unauthorized and malicious access to information. This is best done by an experienced cybersecurity professional who will perform a thorough analysis of assets, protocols and existing risks.

Common risks include:

  • User authorizations – determining which employees have access to sensitive information and the safety procedures they must follow
  • Potential for misuse of information – identifying the various types of data the business holds, and the protocols implement to prevent the misuse of sensitive information
  • Potential for data exposure – assessing the business practices that have the potential to unintentionally expose business data such as the use of unencrypted USB keys, personal computer usage and remote access to data.
  • Backup protocols – examining the retention and back-up protocols in place to prevent loss of data
  • Network security – assessing the current network system, infrastructure, and security measures in place to prevent unauthorized access and identify when a breach has occurred
  • Security systems – review the systems in place to protect the business such as network monitoring, access control methods, firewalls, antivirus, spam control, authentication requirements, etc.
  • Day-to-day operations – delving into the day-to-day activities of employees, assessing protocols in place to prevent malware, fishing, viruses and the potential for accidental access

Step #2 Implement Security Risk Controls

An audit and assessment are only useful if the results are acted upon. It is vital for businesses to implement risk-mitigating software, procedures and protocols to address the risks identified.

Dynamix Solutions has several services available to help businesses protect their digital assets!

Dark Web Monitoring and ID Theft Protection Services

At Dynamix Solutions, we specialize in protecting businesses like yours from falling victim to increasingly complex online threats and breaches of data. Dark web monitoring and identity theft protection services provide businesses with the ability to quickly identify if a cyberattack has occurred, if any digital credentials are exposed on the dark web, and mitigate the consequences.

Network Security Services

Network security involves implementing strategies and protocols to protect access to your network (including firewalls, email gateways, network access control, virtual private networks, etc), monitor any unauthorized access or misuse, and act quickly if malicious access has been identified. We can provide you with the same level of network security service that the world’s biggest brands and companies receive, and at a fraction of the cost.

Disaster Recovery Services

We want our clients to be prepared for a disaster before it strikes. We will implement a detailed disaster recovery plan to ensure your business assets and information is not lost forever and can be restored. The key to a successful disaster recovery strategy is a rock-solid daily backup protocol, and cloud storage plan.

Network and Server Administration Services

Your business network is literally what sustains your productivity. Choosing an outsourced IT provider gives you access to the most thoroughly trained and certified IT professionals, without having to take on the cost of a full-time staff. Our service includes 24hr monitoring of your servers and networks, routine maintenance of desktops and servers including security patch management and update, temporary file deletion, and disk defragmentation, and daily backup monitoring and cloud management.

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