Do You Need Dark Web Monitoring Services For Your Business?


Businesses today hold a lot of electronic data. Whether your business is an online store, B2B, B2C, manufacturing business, or anything in between, it is likely that you hold a lot of sensitive and confidential information about your staff, contractors, and customers (such as social insurance numbers, addresses, dates of birth, banking information, usernames, passwords, etc).

Hacks and data breaches are a threat to all businesses!

You Have A Duty Of Care

As a business, you have a duty of care to protect sensitive data that you hold on your staff, contractors and customers, and mitigate your risk against data breaches. This includes implementing secure business practices, staff training, network security, server and cloud security to protect against data breaches.

Unfortunately, hackers are constantly developing new measures to penetrate cybersecurity measures, and businesses are continually at risk of data breaches.

The dark web is where stolen data is sold and purchased. Most activity on the dark web is anonymous and untraceable, making it an ideal platform for unscrupulous and criminal activity to occur. A single piece of personal information (such as an address) might be useless on its own, but when with the ability to aggregate data the damage can be severe. Multiple data points about a single individual can be collected and sold, resulting in the potential for identity theft.

Dark Web Monitoring and ID Protection

Dynamix Solutions understands cybersecurity and the continual risks businesses face despite having implemented appropriate protection measures. With Dark Web Monitoring and Identity Protection Services Dynamix Solutions helps business implement an added level of security, including:

  • Security risk audit and assessment to help businesses understand the level of risk that exists in assets and systems, procedures, policies and controls
  • 24/7/365 dark web monitoring of business domains
  • Instant alerts of potential security breaches and hacks so businesses are immediately notified of any data leaks and can mitigate consequences
  • Monitoring of hacker sites, chatrooms, and social media for business data
  • Protection and monitoring of servers for potential botnets and malware data harvesting programs
  • Protection and monitoring of business network security, daily safety checks, and detection of potential P2P file leaks
  • Security awareness training for employees to recognize and avoid phishing attacks and other malicious activities that target human vulnerabilities
  • IT cloud security services
  • Cybersecurity best practices implementation

Give your business the protection it deserves – Dark Web Monitoring and ID Protection is a business feature consumers trust!

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