Do you know about the National Cyber Security Alliance

Everyone wants to be safe online, but not everyone knows how.  Malicious websites, spyware and viruses may not be lurking around every corner, but they are prevalent enough for people to become more aware of what they are, how they operate and how to avoid them.  That’s where the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) comes in.

According to their mission statement, the NCSA seeks to educate and empower people so they can use the Internet safely and securely from anywhere at any time using any device.  This is important because people are using their smart phones for shopping, reading, updating their Facebook and Twitter accounts, and a lot more. Tablet devices like Kindle and Nook are becoming the latest rage and can be used for more than just reading books, magazines and newspapers in the cloud. These experiences lose their luster when cyber security is breached.  Just as there is anti-spyware for computers, there is also anti-spyware for smart phones and NCSA recommends that people use it.  Even gaming systems need to be protected from viruses and malware; anything that can access the Web is vulnerable.

The NCSA provides information for how to be safe online while at home, at school or at work.  It also has links to reputable sites where anyone can get a free virus scan to find out if his computer has already been compromised by a virus or malware.  The Internet can be a very dangerous place, but people can make it safer by following some basic safety measures like disabling the auto-fill and save password features on the Internet browser or by regularly changing their passwords.

People want to be safe while working and “playing” online, and websites like the NCSA’s give them a place where they can quickly go and easily find out how to do it.

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