Disaster Planning: Are You Ready?

What would happen to your small business if there was a flood tomorrow which rendered its physical location inaccessible? Or, how would you cope if your company was the victim of terrorism?

These might not be questions to which you’ve given much thought. After all, who wants to think about disaster striking? However, ignoring the potential for catastrophe (and its effects on your firm) is unwise. You need to be prepared if a man-made or natural calamity befalls your business by establishing a disaster and recovery plan. 

Why Is Disaster Planning Important?

Let’s use a real life example to illustrate why disaster and recovery planning is a necessity. In June 2013, rising flood waters washed over swathes of southern Alberta. Five people died. Thousands of people were forced from their homes and businesses due to flood waters.

The businesses in Calgary which were able to get up and running quickly were those that had disaster and recovery plans in place. Their mission-critical data was stored off-site, so employees could access it remotely. As a result, they were able to resume operations while their competitors remained mired in mud and water.

What Does Disaster and Recovery Planning Involve?

Disaster and recovery planning involves backing up your data and running vital software in the cloud. The cloud is a term which refers to a collection of remote servers hosted on the Internet. These remote servers store, manage and process data.

For many small businesses, the idea of creating a disaster and recovery plan is overwhelming. They don’t know how to backup their information. Nor do they know how to run mission-critical applications in the cloud.

That’s where managed IT service providers (MSPs) come in. MSPs deliver and manage network-based services, application and equipment. They have experience in creating disaster and recovery plans so that a catastrophe won’t put you out of business.

How to Choose an MSP

Choosing the right MSP is crucial. You’re entrusting this company with your business’ sensitive and vital data, so you want to know that you can rely on it.

When you’re researching MSPs, find out how much experience they have in your industry. Your field may have specific regulations, and you need to be sure that the MSP can handle the challenges. Don’t be afraid to ask for references from customers within your industry. References will give you insight into whether the MSP is reliable, offers the services you need, and treats its clients with courtesy, professionalism and respect.

Dynamix Solutions: Your Trusted Source for Managed IT Services

Are you a small business owner in need of a disaster and recovery plan? Call Dynamix Solutions today at 1-855-405-1087. Since 2001, we’ve been managing the IT needs of small companies so that they can focus on their core business. We know that IT can be complex, so let us take care of it. Contact us to learn more about how disaster and recovery planning can save your company when calamity strikes.

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