Data Recovery Planning Is Not a Nice To Have. It is a Must Have!

One of the major influencers in IT this year will be virtualization. Dynamix is a Toronto Microsoft Partner and virtualization solutions build on VMWare and Microsoft’s virtualization technologies. These strategic partnerships allows our team to offer virtualized server environments designed to help Toronto and area business.

There are many benefits to having a virtualized server environment. The list can be quite lengthy and each business will have different reasons for choosing to move towards a virtualized business network. Some businesses appreciate the cost savings by not having to buy several physical servers, and others look at virtualized servers in a remote and secure server colocation, eliminating the need for servers in their office.

Whatever the reason your business chooses to move towards a virtualized server environment, there is always going to be a need for a data recovery solution. Backing up your data and your virtualized servers is more important now than ever.

Anand Naik from Symantec said that despite the benefits of adopting virtualization, organizations should add disaster recovery technologies to make sure their mission critical data in virtual environments is protected from everyday business risks to devastating disasters.

We understand the risks associated with business networks today. We work with a number of GTA-based businesses ensuring all their important data and business systems are completely protected from human-error right through to complete system meltdowns.

As cloud computing, virtual storage and server virtualization technologies become an increasingly attractive option for Toronto businesses, the need for a technology partner who understands your complete IT picture is essential. Dynamix Solutions can become your trusted partner and advisor ensuring your business IT works.

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