Dark Web Monitoring Services

Dark web monitoring deals with the monitoring of theft of employee and customer data in any business or organization. This involves the use of advanced tools that alert companies when their sensitive data has been compromised.

These tools help companies to locate leaked or stolen information such as breached credentials, compromised passwords, intellectual property, and other highly-sensitive data that can be shared and sold among malicious actors operating on the dark web.
Compromised and stolen data is usually displayed or sold on different dark web forums for further exploitation by cybercriminals. Using tools such as crawlers, scrapers, and automated scanners, companies and organizations are able to trace these stolen data on the dark web.

Some of these sensitive sources of data may indeed have already made their way to dark web sites. The good thing, however, with dark web monitoring tools is that they help prevent occurrences of data theft in the future.

Benefits of Dark Web Monitoring Services for Businesses

Almost all modern-day organizations are at serious risk of being exploited by activities of the dark web. It, therefore, is very important that businesses and companies of different sizes invest heavily in dark web monitoring. This means that the right infrastructures be put in place to combat these threats.
Benefits you can get from 24/7 dark web monitoring include:

None of your sensitive data can leave your systems without your knowledge.

Reduce the amount of time between when a data breach occurs and when it is discovered

Instant alerts of potential security breaches and hacks

Protect your employees, clients, and executives’ information from being exploited.

Give you traces of data loss and theft. You can locate every instance of system intrusion via dark web monitoring.

If you have any questions about our Dark Web Monitoring services:

Simply call us at our Toronto office (416) 657-2449 or our Calgary office (403) 456-2183.

Dark Web Monitoring Services at Dynamix Solutions

Dynamix Solutions is your one-stop dark web monitoring service in Toronto and Calgary.

High-profile dark web monitoring services we offer our clients include:

Security Risk Audit and Assessment

Our SRAA services cover a wide array of issues, spanning from risk assessment and mitigation to cryptography and disaster recovery. We also ensure regulatory compliance, infrastructure security, and identity and access management. This is done regularly to ensure data authenticity and reliability.

Monitoring of Hacker Sites, Chatrooms, And Social Media

We work with an expert team that monitors the activities of cybercriminals in hacker communities, cult groups, chatrooms, and etc., giving us concrete feedback on new hack trends.

24/7/365 Dark Web Monitoring of Business Domains

Your business domains are constantly at risk of intrusion. Dynamix Solutions puts in place 24-hours surveillance on all your business intelligence systems, applications, domains, and networks every day of the week, all year round.

Protection and Monitoring of Servers for Potential Botnets and Malware Data Harvesting

Unknown to many, a great wealth of information can be sourced from our digital footprints, which leave us vulnerable to malicious hacker interests. Our advanced tools monitor and prevent phishing and malware data harvesting activities on your servers.

Instant Alerts of Potential Security Breaches and Hacks

Working with some of the most sophisticated dark web monitoring tools, we can trace potential security threats from a mile away and mitigate them.

Protection and Monitoring of Business Networks and Potential P2P File Leaks

We watch your business networks and inform you of any potential P2P leakages that typically occur while sharing sensitive data between systems.

Why choose Dynamix Solutions

The team at Dynamix Solutions is always on hand to give you the very best in dark web monitoring for your business frameworks. We have some of the best experts to keep watch on your systems and servers every step of the way.
For those residing in the Toronto, GTA, Calgary, and neighbouring communities, we can offer:

Watching out for real-time dark web threat alerts and making documentation.

Providing extensive compromised data tracking & reporting

We also offer compromised data trending & benchmarking

Dynamix Solutions is 100% vested in supply chain threat monitoring

With our dark web monitoring tools, you can provide your clients with actionable intelligence to help guard against potential data breaches

Our Dark Web Monitoring services provide an extensive identity theft protection and restoration policy for your organization

We are also involved in promoting proactive cybersecurity awareness among your staff and client network.


Simply call us at our Toronto office (416) 657-2449 or our Calgary office (403) 456-2183.

What Our Clients Say

Protect your business from reputational and financial damage. At Dynamix Solutions, you can put your faith in us to keep your data safe. Our top-tier, CyberSecure Canada certified services provide you with the highest standards of security and privacy.