Server Monitoring Services

Server monitoring is one of the most important things your company can do to protect itself. Monitoring does not mean you have someone looking at your activity in real time – instead, it provides you with visibility into your server’s activity and alerts you to any issues that may arise. At Dynamix, we provide a simple-to-use monitoring solution that is unlike any you have seen with any other cybersecurity company.

Instead of an off-the-shelf solution, access a fully customizable and proactive solution that will automate your tasks and give your company real-time data with which to make informed decisions. Whether you are dealing with a single virtual server or thousands of virtual and physical servers stretched across your entire company, our server monitoring service is the go-to option for anyone looking for a flexible option that will work around your schedule and budget.

From around-the-clock monitoring to after-hours support, we are here to provide you with the server and network monitoring you need.

Why Do You Need to Monitor Your Business Networks & Servers?

Whether you are running a single server or thousands, servers are one of the most critical pieces of your IT infrastructure. Therefore, server and network monitoring can provide your company with the essential services it needs.

A proper server monitoring solution will provide real-time data for your company to look at and ensure that your servers are running and healthy. It can also provide historical data to help predict when you will have higher demands or spikes, and prepare your system to handle such an overload. With Dynamix, you will even get next-generation monitoring, which can help predict when a complete crash could occur, and will support your short, mid, and long-term planning to prevent a crash before it takes down your network.


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Benefits of Dynamix’s Server Monitoring Solutions

Server Support and Management

With Dynamix, our server support and management tools will help your company better understand and manage your servers. From when running upgrades to performing server maintenance, our solution will give you real-time data to help make smart and informed decisions in keeping your servers running smoothly.

Server Failure Notification

With our solutions, you will get immediate server failure notifications – no more scrambling to find which server is down. Instead, you will find the exact server that is causing the problem with ease, with current errors sent straight to your device, speeding up your recovery times and ensuring you can diagnose and get your server back up and running in no time.

Proactive Network Monitoring and Management

If you are looking for a more forward-looking solution, we offer proactive network monitoring and management. This service ensures you can stay aware of issues that arise, and gives your company the time to find a solution.

Fast Response Time

Response time is often key to keeping your servers running. That’s why we provide one of the fastest response times in the industry, illuminating precisely what has gone wrong and where it has happened.

Server Performance Monitoring and Analysis

Server performance will ebb and flow over time, but knowing when to tweak a specific server will help keep your uptime at 99%. With our monitoring and analysis services, we will find issues before they become problems to help you test and release patches or upgrades and keep your servers running smoothly.

Application and Server Monitoring

With this service, you can access fast and reliable monitoring on any in-house applications essential for your business in order to ensure that they are up and running when needed.


Our team at Dynamix understands that there is no one-size fits all solution, which is why we offer a variety of server monitoring options to work around your needs. Whether they are 24/7 or time specific, our server monitoring services will work with you to ensure you have the right solution for your needs.

Why Choose Dynamix Solutions?

Our team at Dynamix Solutions has the server monitoring solutions you deserve. With years of experience and a cutting-edge system that can plug into any IT infrastructure, Dynamix is the go-to option for all your server and network monitoring needs. Call or click today to see how a Dynamix server monitoring system can be the perfect solution for your server.


Simply call us at our Toronto office (416) 657-2449 or our Calgary office (403) 456-2183.

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