Cyber Security Consulting

Cybersecurity consulting identifies security risks, evaluates their impact, and implements viable solutions to counter online threats on a company’s computer systems and networks. Evaluating cybersecurity systems is crucial to helping individuals, businesses, organizations, and government institutions prevent and counter online criminal activity in the IT landscape.

The major types of security consulting services include:

  • Security assessment: This involves identifying and correcting all security vulnerabilities or risks before they pose serious effects.
  • Digital and cloud transformation: Digital transformation initiatives help improve the performance and efficiency of an organization’s IT workforce and systems.
  • Network architecture: Network architecture assists organizations in designing suitable networks that meet business security needs, such as modernizing hardware networks to use zero-trust architecture in an organization.
  • CISO consulting services: Companies must perform their due diligence as part of the increased need for strategic security expertise, preparation for audit compliance, and the benchmarking of new service providers.


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IT Security Consulting Services in Toronto & Calgary

Numerous industries need advanced cybersecurity services and solutions to protect their operations from internal and external breaches. These industries include:

Security Solutions for Businesses

Our team of cybersecurity consultants in Toronto and Calgary provides diverse security service solutions that efficiently increase the security of your business. These services include integrating firewalls, endpoint protection, cloud base security, DNS protection, and email gateways into your IT systems to avoid external cyber threats.

Fit-for-Purpose IT Solutions

We at Dynamix Solutions offer configuration services to your computer security systems through design, control, and maintenance procedures. The right configuration will enable you to achieve the active development of innovative and creative security systems that will suit your business and make it safeguarded from cyber-attacks.

Security Master Plans

Our consulting firms offer structured security goals, philosophies, programs, and processes for giving direction and guiding organizational development. With our security master plan, you gain access to a detailed list of risks and appropriate mitigation plans, easing the burden of managing your online security as you embark on security improvement measures.

Security Threats Assessment

With our efficient software integrated with the latest technologies, we can seamlessly identify, evaluate, and implement crucial security controls in all applications to prevent vulnerabilities and defects. Assessing security threats ensures your company can make an informed decision on security implementation procedures, resource allocation, and the tools you need to engage.

Ideal Mitigation Measures

Our IT security consultants at Dynamix Solutions provide suitable, affordable, and organized measures for solving IT security risks. These steps ensure maximum and prompt detection of and response to any security threat, making them an integral part of managing your organization.

Advanced Technical Solutions for Security

We use only the latest technology to prevent data loss and system intrusion by integrating firewalls and antiviruses. This helps optimize and simplify your data protection management, reducing code vulnerabilities and encrypting data alongside increasing efficiencies of your IT security systems.

Awareness of Cyber Security

We offer training and education on possible cyber threats with appropriate measures for preventing them in cases of an incident. With our training, you can inculcate a sense of responsibility in ensuring your assets are kept safe.

Procedure Development for Security Policies

We at Dynamix Solutions offer the development and maintenance of integral security policies aimed at implementing security controls related to managing risks. Our security procedures and policies are tailored to preserve your data’s integrity, availability, and confidentiality to leverage security concerns that can affect your company.

Securing Intellectual Property

Our experts are knowledgeable in ensuring your intellectual property rights are secured confidentially. We advise using trademarks, copyrights, and patents to ensure your data is not stolen.


Simply call us at our Toronto office (416) 657-2449 or our Calgary office (403) 456-2183.

Why Choose Dynamix Solutions?

Partnering with Dynamix Solutions is your best bet when it comes to accessing high-quality consultancy services. With consultancy services at an affordable cost, we use only the best of latest technologies to maximize network uptime as an integral part of securing and enhancing IT systems and infrastructures.

We offer training and education on the security measures essential in preventing online crimes and taking appropriate proactive approaches to safeguarding your organization’s data, as well as system administration for managing computer systems, infrastructure, and applications, which is essential in relieving you of the cost of recruiting an in-house expert team. We are here to help you draft proposals with extensive recommendations that align with security master plans for your organization – thus, you can strive to identify, assess, and counter security threats on your organization’s IT systems.


Simply call us at our Toronto office (416) 657-2449 or our Calgary office (403) 456-2183.

What Our Clients Say

At Dynamix Solutions, we provide the best consulting services for your business on the market. If you own a business in Calgary and Toronto, reach out to our team for high-value services at an affordable cost.