Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

Disaster recovery involves managing and re-establishing systems and infrastructures that are adversely affected by computing failures, natural disasters, and disruptive intentional attacks. This process involves regaining access and functionality of standard functionality.

These disruptions affect business operations, causing severe losses, and even impacting reputation. Thus, every organization should establish advanced cybersecurity approaches in order to prevent data breaches and ensure a secure recovery in case of data loss.

There are several types of disaster recovery, and they include:

  • Backup: Backup entails storing data on a removable drive or offsite in a location that can be retrieved when needed.
  • Hot site: A hot site keeps up-to-date copies of information and data, which is essential in lowering downtime.
  • Cold site: A cold site is a disaster recovery site that sets up a basic organization of IT infrastructure for a given time as a facility for employees to work quickly after a natural disaster.
  • Virtualization: Virtualization involves backing up an organization’s specific data pool, or an entire working replica of its computing environment, to offsite simulated machines unaffected by physical disasters.
  • Point-in-time copies: Point-in-time copies take snapshots of the entire database at any given time. Backup-up data can be restored only if stored on a virtual machine or in an offsite location that cannot be affected by a natural or artificial disaster.


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Disaster Recovery Solutions in Toronto

Dynamix Solutions in Toronto and Calgary offers the following disaster recovery solutions:

Network disaster recovery

In a disaster scenario, network connectivity is vital for internal and external communication, data sharing, and application access. Our network disaster recovery offers a detailed plan for restoring network access and backing up data.

Data center disaster recovery

We offer proprietary data centers that address IT infrastructure components for backing up data, allowing facilities to work effectively.

Cloud recovery disaster

Unlike a physical location, our experts provide extensive hosting to data recovery systems through the cloud environment. Cloud disaster recovery includes more than backup processes; IT teams can reconfigure automatic workloads that fail after recovery.

Virtualized disaster recovery

With our dynamic technologies, we assist your organization with virtualization to make copies of workloads in cloud environments and secondary locations.

Preventative measures

Preventative measures help in mitigating risk and preventing any IT disaster from happening. Examples of preventive measures include frequent routine security audit conduction and data backup on the cloud to assist in disaster recovery at any stage of development.

Corrective measures

Corrective measures help put together recovery strategies to ensure minimal damages or threats. We identify affected areas to reduce the impact and respond appropriately.

Benefits of Disaster Recovery Services


Our disaster recovery services are fully managed to improve user experience, meaning the management, backup, and patching of your data are well cared for. All system configurations will be handled entirely by third-party providers, easing your business operations.


All disaster recovery solutions offer systematic and organized processes that are good for backing up data and recovering it in cases of disaster. Since disaster recovery solutions are poised to counter adverse incidents, recovery processes have been advanced to foresee intentional attacks, meaning appropriate measures can be extended to protect against the effects of these attacks.


A business can stabilize its reputation with disaster recovery services, enhancing customer retention, which is vital in safeguarding your business in the long run. As such, organizations will be trusted even in downtimes, with prompt recovery solutions that take only a short time to work.

Comprehensive yet flexible

Disaster recovery services are all-inclusive when it comes to avoiding unexpected interruptions affecting critical business processes. The flexible nature of disaster recovery solutions enhances the simplification of interventions, allowing a short restoration time that is fully controlled at all stages.


Disaster recovery services work efficiently even in serious incidents through advanced backup systems that are well laid out. Chances of disappointment or total data loss are extremely minimal, making our services the most dynamic and prolific for offering quick recovery solutions.


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Why Choose Dynamix Solutions?

Dynamix Solutions provides essential backup and disaster recovery solutions for businesses in Toronto and Calgary. Choosing to work with Dynamix Solutions is an excellent way to evaluate your data recovery processes and ensure you have dependable backing options for your organizations. Our proactive, secure network eases disaster recovery processes, even in the case of natural disasters such as earthquakes or hurricanes.

With our team of professionals, you will get fast access to information on the best disaster recovery plans alongside continuous monitoring of your system infrastructure. We strongly believe in ensuring our clients are well-advised to get the most value they can for every service they request.


Simply call us at our Toronto office (416) 657-2449 or our Calgary office (403) 456-2183.

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