Dynamix Solutions Achieves CyberSecure Canada Certification

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We are very honoured to announce that Dynamix Solutions has achieved the Canadian Federal government’s  CyberSecure Canada Certification.

CyberSecure Canada Certification program was established by the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security with the consulting help of Cyber Security industry leaders. The mandate of the CyberSecure Canada certification program is to help Canadian SMB (small and medium-sized business) defend against the most common online cyber security threats as well as grow in today’s competitive digital economy.  When an organization becomes certified, it is showing its customers, clients and partners, that their sensitive data is safe within the organization’s network.

The certification helps Canadian organizations in the following ways:

  1. Help Canadian organizations boost their cybersecurity maturity by implementing the program’s security requirements.
  2. Use the certification as a competitive advantage to assure clients and partners that their data is safe.

Why should I consider getting the CyberSecure Canada Certification for my business?

There are a number of reasons to consider getting certified. some are as follows 

  • Improve your competitive advantage by reassuring your customers and partners that the valuable information they provide you will be secure.
  • Limit the effects on your business from cyber attacks: financial loss, damage to your reputation, and critical infrastructure. 
  • Ensure your organization is eligible and ready to compete for business opportunities that require cybersecurity certification.
  • Helps defend against the most widespread cyber threats.

How can my business become CyberSecure Canada Certified?

The most cost-effective approach is to find a CyberSecure Canada Certified practitioner or Managed Service Provider to help prepare and organize the certification process.  Once completed, the organization will need to identify a certified CyberSecure Canada accredited certified body to audit your organization. These certified bodies are private organizations accredited by the Standards Council of Canada. 

Step 1 – Get started with the CyberSecure Canada certification

To be eligible for certification, your organization must review and implement the 13 security controls established by the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security:

  • Develop an incident response plan
  • Automatically patch operating systems and applications
  • Securely configure devices
  • Enable security software
  • Use strong user authentication
  • Provide employee awareness training
  • Back up and encrypt data
  • Secure mobility
  • Establish basic perimeter defenses
  • Secure cloud and outsourced IT services
  • Secure websites
  • Implement Access Control and Secure portable media

These security controls provide a foundation that will help your organization mitigate cyber threats. Visit CyberSecure Canada for free information and e-learning tools to help you implement the security controls for your organization.

Step 2 – Apply for certification

Once your organization has implemented the 13 security controls, you can apply for certification at CyberSecure Canada.

Step 3 – Work with a certification body

A certification body (accredited through the Standards Council of Canada) will evaluate your implementation of the 13 security controls. The certification body will consult directly with your organization to:

  • determine if your organization is ready to be certified.
  • provide a cost estimate for your organization to achieve CyberSecure Canada certification; and
  • audit your organization’s implementation of the security controls.

Dynamix Solutions worked with Cyber Security Canada to complete the requirements.

Step 4 – Display your CyberSecure Canada certification mark

The CyberSecure Canada certification mark will provide certified businesses official recognition by the federal government for demonstrating their compliance with the baseline security controls.  It provides a simple way for customers, partners and suppliers to know that a business has decreased their cyber risk. You will be provided with a digital mark for your website and stickers to display at your business.

The certification is valid for 2-years. You will need to maintain your 13 security controls and complete an audit after the 2-year period in order to keep the certification.


Dynamix Solutions offers state-of-the-art cybersecurity solutions that can help your Toronto or Calgary business simplify a holistic security strategy that protects you from ransomware and other online threats. 

Contact us today to schedule a consultation! Call Toll Free: 1 (855) 405-1087 or Contact Dynamix Solutions

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