Could Your Canadian Business Stay Afloat During a Flood?

Flood waters in Sicamous, British Columbia have washed out Highway 97A, damaged vehicles, cut off road access and drinking water supplies. In Swansea Point and 2 Mile approximately 350 have been forced to evacuate. Stories like this make me wonder how many Canadian businesses are prepared for this kind of disaster. How quickly could they recover if at all?

What solutions do you already have in place to ensure that your employees will be able to keep working even if they have to work from relatives’ homes or local shelters for a week or more because they had to evacuate their homes or can’t get to the office because the only available route is flooded or blocked by a mudslide?

Business continuity is every bit as important as disaster recovery, if not more so. Things like power outages and server crashes are far more common than floods or other natural disasters. What have you done to ensure that your business won’t come to a screeching halt if a wildfire were to consume your company’s office location or force you and your employees to work from home?

Things like server virtualization and VoIP telephone systems enable you and your employees to access company files, emails and phone messages from anywhere in the world. A wildfire can do tremendous amounts of damage in a short period of time. Because it moves so quickly, people are often evacuated when the fire shows signs of heading in a particular direction. With a virtual network established in a location far removed from the one that’s being threatened by the fire, you and your team would be able to not only continue working as usual but also check on clients and vendors and keep them updated.

Those British Columbia residents who didn’t suffer any damage to their homes or cars should count their blessings. And Canadian business leaders who don’t have established business continuity plans might want to consider establishing them now. British Columbia was hit by a flash flood, which is something that can strike at any time. So, don’t wait until your company is drowning in flood waters or some other disaster has interfered with your business operations to start thinking about how to keep your company going in the aftermath of a wildfire. By then, it’s too late. The average Canadian managed IT services provider offers free or low-cost, no-obligation consultations. Take a proactive approach to business continuity, and get professional advice on how to prepare a business continuity plan for your company.

Don’t let a disaster strike your Canadian business.  We are here to ensure that you have the right disaster recovery solutions in place.  Call us today to learn more.