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IT Support for Your Business

All businesses, both large and SMBs, need the services of efficient IT systems in order to optimize their productivity. However, hiring in-house IT experts may be expensive, and maximizing the services of outsourced technical staff can be better.

Awareness of the necessity of IT support services, especially in growing companies, demonstrates reliability and dedication from business leaders while ensuring seamless operation for their clients. At Dynamix Solutions, we provide the following services:

Managed IT Services

We offer third-party managed IT services mainly as a way of outsourcing responsibilities for managing and anticipating improved operations with reduced budgetary expenditures. The process typically operates from an offshore account or remotely in order to deliver IT services to clients through a sub-contractor who proactively manages and monitors the customer’s network and servers.

Remote IT Support

Our technical IT support team offers assistance in addressing issues when it comes to computer software and system applications without being physically present on the platform. Our services are offered through multiple communication means such as email, phone, chat, and remote desktop software for easy assistance.

Full IT Support

We provide technical assistance through our computing professionals, who handle all your IT queries for the smooth running of critical company processes. This service is vital in optimizing your network functionality while protecting against cyber-attacks. Our IT support team manages, maintains, and monitors your company’s system software and resolves any technical issues.

Cyber Security Services

We assist companies by securing their servers, computers, networks, data, and electronic systems from sensitive crucial attacks. Our technical team provides information cybersecurity design and strategy services to give your organization a better security posture for strengthening and shielding against threats to crucial data.

Cloud Services

Our IT systems are integrated with multiple infrastructures and applications hosted by third parties for keeping data remotely in secured databases and networks. We assist companies in securing and accessing their information remotely through our servers and project management tools for easy data control.

Disaster Recovery Services

At Dynamix, we help companies interact with our cloud computing platform in order to back up their IT infrastructure and data in a 3rd party environment for easier retrieval during disruption. With these services, an organization can easily regain access and functionality of its system infrastructure during power outages and natural disasters.

Dynamix Solutions is a reputable IT company in Canada offering unique IT services to all of our clients. Our IT support services are efficient and effective, and can be accessed remotely and promptly in Canada. Contact us today to consult our experts!