Consumer IT Choices Are Driving Business Decisions Today

Consumer IT Consumers and businesses alike are passionate about technology. Employees use mobile, social, cloud, and software tools, with positive results in productivity, security, and responsiveness. Surprisingly, consumer IT programs today are viewed as options for businesses today. They may even surpass some of the tools used by businesses.

It’s important to recognize that your employees may be using “consumer” mobile, cloud, social, and software tools that could benefit your business in a number of ways. The following are successful IT consumer concepts that might positively affect your business today.

  • Cloud Computing

Many of the fastest-growing trends in IT, such as cloud services, began in the consumer space, working their way towards value for enterprises, as they proved successful.

  • Mobile Device Management

Mobile devices are a good place for businesses to invest in today. Mobile management includes devices, the network, access, applications, security, and information management.

  • Information Ownership   

While information transmitted through email and other accounts belongs to a company, the laws regarding information transmitted through employee accounts and social networks aren’t as distinct. Even when employees use their own accounts for work, it’s important to discuss potential information ownership issues.

  • Social Networking  

Many organizations view Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter as ways to build their reputation. However, simply having an account on these social networking websites won’t result in success. Social networking requires an extensive amount of effort on your part, in order to obtain the growth and success your business is looking for.

  • User Experience is Important

Internal apps and commercial enterprise applications often suffer from ineffective user interfaces. This leads to an undesirable user experience. IT and enterprise developers must provide more sophisticated designs in order to provide a valid user experience.

  • The Competition

Every business has competitors, and if your competitors are moving ahead with their consumerization efforts, and your business fails to keep up, it’s going to fall behind quickly. The potential for businesses that enable their employees through cloud computing, mobile devices, social media, and specialty desktop apps, is limitless.