Cloud services are platforms, software, or infrastructure hosted by third-party providers and delivered on-demand to customers through the internet. They facilitate the exchange of user data between front-end clients and the provider’s systems. Cloud services can only be accessed when the user has a computer, internet connectivity, and operating system.

There are multiple types of cloud services, including every software, infrastructure, and platform that users can access over the internet without any additional software downloads. Also, we have as-a-Service cloud solutions such as Software-as-a-Service, Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Function-as-a-Service, and Platform-as-a-Service.

Cloud-based services involve pooling and sharing scalable resources and applications over networks. Like any other IT solution, our cloud services rely on software and hardware, and that’s nothing other than a computer, operating system, and network connection.

You only pay for the cloud services you use, helping you to significantly lower your operating costs, scale, and run your infrastructure more efficiently.

Cloud services and solutions are managed by cloud computing service providers and vendors. Since we make our cloud computing services and technologies available from our servers, you don’t need to host the applications on your servers. At Dynamix, we ensure our Toronto clients have unlimited access to their cloud data, so they experience the enormous benefits of cloud services and solutions.


Cloud services have become the latest trend worldwide, and almost every company is adopting the trend for smooth business operations. At Dynamix, we take pride in offering the best cloud services for businesses around Toronto. We help any business shift from the traditional ways of business. Here are the top advantages you will enjoy once you turn to our Toronto cloud services:

Lowered costs

Our cloud computing services help you cut the expenses of purchasing software and hardware and setting up and operating data centers. It’s costly to hire IT experts for managing your infrastructure, racks of servers, and round-the-clock electricity for running the infrastructure.

Automatic software updates

At Dynamix, we maintain your systems and take care of every software update. Thus, we save you time for maintenance-related practices creating space for better things that matter to your company, like growth and development strategies.

Advanced security

We offer broad sets of controls, technologies, and policies that strengthen security. Data stored in the cloud can be accessed at any time, anywhere, even when your machines fail. Our technologies also help you to wipe data from host computers to prevent unauthorized information access.

Increased collaboration

Your team can easily access, share, and edit documents from anywhere with our cloud services and solutions. Your team can make real-time updates and changes with cloud-based workflows and file sharing.

Cloud SERVICES Provider in Toronto

At Dynamix, we offer end-to-end cloud services to businesses of all sizes across Toronto to help them leverage our expertise for improved security, stay competitive, and drive better business results. Cloud service providers have been accepted worldwide, and we help you navigate the tech space and select the ideal cloud technology that suits your business needs.

Here are the most commonly used cloud-based services we offer:


Dynamix offers online backup solutions that enable you to recover your data easily and eliminate any labor associated with managing hard drives and tapes once your systems crash. Our cloud services help you avoid the problems experienced when critical information and data are lost by having a secure online cloud backup.


Our cloud solutions allow you to have your file server on the cloud for streamlined access on any device anytime by your entire staff. Additionally, those that still need an onsite server can utilize unique add-ons to select specific files to make them available on the cloud.


Email is one of the primary communication methods in almost all companies. We keep your lines of communication open with e-mail hosted in an advanced data center.


We ensure your team has full access to all your lead/client information and empower them to be more productive when they are not on site.


Dynamix facilitates an easy shift to Microsoft 365. We help you choose your preferred subscriptions and settings and also perform the Microsoft 365 setup for you, migrating all your emails, documents, calendar items, and contacts.

Security in Cloud Computing

Technology is dynamic, and our team of professionals helps various businesses to adopt the latest technologies for better security. When we deploy our proactive cloud services, we ensure your networks are secure and all staff has complete access to the data. We set up and support powerful and secure cloud solutions to serve our clients.

Dynamix Solutions helps you secure and manage your cloud systems by:

  • Secure remote work solutions
  • Digital loss prevention solutions and data recovery
  • We control who can log into your database and identity access management

Our cloud security primarily consists of technological procedures, policies, and controls that work together to protect the cloud-based systems, infrastructure, and data. We implement cloud computing measures configured to fully protect your data and privacy, support regulatory compliance, and set authentication rules for various devices and users.

We can configure our cloud computing security to the needs of your business, from filtering access to authenticating access. So, we make the establishment of cloud security protocols a joint responsibility between our cloud team and every client.

At Dynamix, we understand and take into consideration that robust cloud computing security is imperative for businesses transitioning to the cloud. We focus on offering the best security measures specifically customized for your cloud infrastructure.


Simply call us at our Toronto office (416) 657-2449 or our Calgary office (403) 456-2183.

Why Choose Dynamix Solutions

Dynamix is a world-class cloud service provider in Toronto that ensures you get the best cloud computing solutions based on your niche. We believe in better business operation using innovative technologies.

Our award-winning team of experts can analyze and handle various complex cloud computing issues and deliver the best solution tailored to your specific needs.

We take pride in the top-rated services that we deliver to different clients across the world. Dynamix Solutions operates in well-organized and slick workflows, ensuring efficient and quick delivery of any cloud service. With a dedicated team of cloud experts, we excel in providing end-to-end tailored solutions backed up with the latest methods, tools, and technology stack.

Additionally, we don’t just provide cloud services, but rather we work with you throughout the entire project to strategize and get the best cloud solution specific to your business requirements.

Regardless of the business size, we partner with any client to elevate their value through our advanced cloud-based services. Our 24/7 support team is always ready to respond to your requests and questions about any of our services. Dynamix Solutions will greatly assist you in moving your entire or at least part of your data to a cloud-based server.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have three primary types of cloud computing service models that include SaaS (Software as a Service, PaaS (Platform as a Service), and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service).
Dynamix efficiently delivers any of the four cloud options. They replace older and onsite computing models for any business. Cloud solutions will give your business better financial controls and additional flexibility.
Cloud storage is a service model of computer data storage that keeps data on the internet through cloud computing service providers or vendor who operates and manage data storage as a service.
Cloud computing security differs depending on the category of cloud computing deployed. However, cloud computing security controls are categorized into deterrent, preventive, detective, and corrective controls. Every category plays a key role in ensuring security for the infrastructure.
There are four pillars that serve as the foundational requirements for comprehensive cloud computing security, including identity security, network protections, compute-based security, and visibility and compliance.
YES! Cloud computing services provide your small business with access to programs, tools, and important applications it needs. Transitioning to the cloud is inexpensive and comes with a myriad of benefits that you might consider for your small business.

At Dynamix, we set up and manage cloud solutions and technologies for any business. Call us today and talk to our experts!

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