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Cyber security services typically feature risk assessments and security solutions that safeguard firms against cyber-attacks and security threats. These security services help monitor your device systems, offering security awareness for your employees alongside assessing the periodic vulnerability of your systems to identify security flaws.

In addition, cyber security offers risk management plans essential in handling different company scenarios effectively and professionally, such as checking on event investigation and rapid incident response. With these security management plans, an organization can swiftly determine its challenges and recommend precise actions to undertake.

Cyber security companies in Calgary offer essential IT services that include:

  • Information security services – This is a risk management service that entails the prevention of inappropriate or unauthorized access to data, disclosure, disruption, modification, inspection, and devaluation of information. This involves annual penetration tests and CISO engagement that cyber security consultants help with.
  • Penetration testing – Penetration testing ensures IT system security by attempting to breach part or all security systems using advanced techniques and tools. Examples of penetration tests include using social engineering techniques, sending phishing emails, and using encrypted networks in shared networks to gain access to sensitive information in databases.
  • Managed detection and response – This allows your security teams to monitor networks, endpoints, and cloud environments in order to respond to cyber threats at any time.
  • Cybersecurity consulting – Cybersecurity consulting identifies problems, evaluates security issues, assesses risks, and implements solutions in order to safeguard your computer systems and networks against online threats. Cyber security is essential in strategic planning, fractional support, and cyber security risk analysis.

BENEFITS OF Managed Cyber Security Services

Minimize expensive risk incidents

With a well-structured cyber security program, risks can quickly be decreased with detection and management before they occur. As a result, costly risks can be prevented from spreading and hampering the system controls, processes, and protocols of your infrastructure.

Maximized efficiency

Our cyber security firms, organizations, processes, and programs offer increased efficiency through advanced management systems, as every task is simplified and tailored to meet your required standards. Organizations and businesses can optimize their operations with our managed IT services that offer a unique path that is uncompromised and seamless.

Security control and threat monitoring

Our IT security services use advanced management and monitoring tools to constantly follow up on the health of your servers, applications, and network infrastructure. This assists you in quickly addressing issues that arise during business operations while streamlining the functioning of your IT infrastructure.

All-round-the-clock security services

We provide weekly 24-hour support availability for questions and answers to all your concerns about IT infrastructure. You can contact our support team whenever you encounter protocol or system-related issues during business operations, as our team monitors and records your service requests to ensure timely response and resolution

Enthusiastic technical proficiency and validation of security means

Our managed IT security services are controlled by a dedicated technical team with substantial knowledge and experience in authenticating and approving security methods of organization system controls. As a business or organization, we will help you achieve properly encrypted and well-protected IT infrastructure.

Develop your security culture and nurture security awareness skills

With our managed cyber security services, you can improve your organization’s system and infrastructure security by adopting a safety culture at any time. We will also help you nurture essential skills for protecting your system IT infrastructure from cybersecurity risks.


Simply call us at our Toronto office (416) 657-2449 or our Calgary office (403) 456-2183.

How Our Cyber Security Consultants Help

Assessment and planning

Our professional consultants will examine your IT infrastructure and evaluate the capability of your established security controls in order to provide you with a remedy for vulnerabilities. Our experts will assist you in conducting vulnerability assessments and making appropriate plans according to your organization’s objectives.

Set up and implementation

Our professional consultants can develop a cybersecurity strategy for you using detailed policies for backing up and encrypting your data. This will ensure your organization is protected against any potential external cybersecurity attacks.

Management and support services

Our team of professionals will help you protect your data and IT control components from cyber-attacks by providing valuable resources for governing data in large volumes to enhance data control. Our support services aid in strengthening your cyber defence against security breaches such as network intrusions or malware.

Why Choose Our IT Security Services

We have a cyber-secure Canada certification

Choosing our IT cyber security programs gives you a guarantee that you are working with an organization that has acquired a cyber security certificate fully recognized in Canada. With this certification, you are assured of our legitimacy, authenticity, and security allotted to evaluating your security framework for web applications, firewalls, web browsers, and servers.

You minimize the technological load for your organization

Selecting our IT security services relieves you from the technological burden of hiring an in-house team to manage your IT systems and infrastructure. Employing IT experts for your organization is more expensive than outsourcing the services of a professional cybersecurity company when the need arises.

You can design modified solutions for your company

Our IT security team offers customized solutions for the security services your organization needs to set and implement. Your organization will also benefit from augmented and tailored security programs that merge with properly managed cybersecurity frameworks to improve your company’s infrastructure efficiencies.

Our methods and techniques are updated at all levels

Embracing our IT security services will allow you to avoid exploitation by cyber criminals and hackers that may infiltrate your organization’s systems infrastructure. Our software and system updates offer improved functionality as they address issues such as crashes and bugs, safeguarding you from external cyber-attacks.

You have access to a pool of high-talent cybersecurity experts

Choosing our IT security services gives you room to access the services of experienced IT personnel with the skill to handle any task. Our cybersecurity experts can test, analyze, troubleshoot, and assess all of your available networks, including wide area networks (WAN), local area networks (LAN), servers, and cloud networks – by doing so, our team can perform network maintenance to streamline your operation and minimize interruptions.

We use cut-edging cyber security methods.

Our advanced IT security methods, including cloud-based threat intelligence, firewalls, and intrusion prevention systems, help bolster and reinforce your network security. Utilizing our cyber security methods means you will have access to advanced techniques, tools, and platforms.
At Dynamix Solutions, we simplify and tailor your cyber security services for easier and better outcomes. Our IT solutions ensure your business is protected and securely managed to help you capitalize on your value. Reach out to our professional cyber security team in Calgary today for managed IT services.

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