Cloud services can be defined as platforms, infrastructure, or software typically hosted by third-party service providers and then made available to users through the internet. The function of cloud services is to facilitate the flow of data from front-end users to the service provider’s system and back to the front-end user over the internet. As long as users have a computer with an operating system and an internet connection or a virtual private network, they can access cloud services.

Our cloud services are designed to provide accessible and affordable access to apps and other resources without the need for hardware. Cloud computing services include Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service, and Platform as a Service. Each of these services offers our clients solutions to their different needs.

As a cloud computing company and service provider, Dynamix Solutions handles all cloud requirements and manages every service effectively. Customers can access cloud services through our servers, and as such, they do not need to host the applications on their servers. Furthermore, you only pay for the cloud services you use, helping you to significantly lower your operating costs, scale, and run your infrastructure more efficiently.

What Services Does Dynamix Cloud Services Provider Offer To Calgary Businesses?

At Dynamix solutions, we offer advanced cloud services providing various solutions to the needs of Calgary businesses. They include:


Dynamix helps your business avoid losing important data and documents by having backup copies with our cloud services.


We provide your business with a central and shared place where your staff can access files, databases, and tools. Such an arrangement can streamline version tracking and control versions on documents being worked on by multiple people.


We understand that companies need email services to conduct their businesses efficiently. We ensure that you keep the lines of communication with email hosted on a significant data center.


Dynamix ensures that your sales team has access to all your client information, empowering them to perform better even when they are not on site.


Dynamix solutions make shifting to Microsoft 365 easy. We assist you in picking the best subscription for you. We also help you set up Microsoft 365 and migrate your documents, calendar items, emails, and contacts.

BENEFITS OF Cloud SERVICES for Calgary Business

A business gets the capacity to grow

There is no need for a business to spend on its equipment or dedicate additional IT personnel to run the service because the cloud service provider provides all vital infrastructure and software needed. As a result, the business can quickly grow as user demands change, whether adding more licenses to suit an increasing workforce or developing and improving the apps themselves.

Reduced operation costs

Cloud computing services are available on monthly or yearly subscriptions, removing the burden of buying onsite licenses from businesses. This, therefore, enables enterprises to use the services we provide, such as software and storage, without having to invest in the infrastructure or deal with maintenance and upgrades.

Greater adaptability

Calgary businesses can use our cloud services to acquire the services on an as-needed basis. If and when no longer using a particular application or platform, the company can easily cancel the subscriptions.

Improved security

Our cloud services offer comprehensive policies, procedures, and restrictions that will help your business improve its overall security posture and safeguard data, apps, and networks from intrusions.


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Computing Cloud Security

Cloud security is a collection of rules, regulations, protocols, and techniques that operate together to safeguard cloud-based applications, information, and infrastructure. Dynamix security measures are set up to protect cloud data, assist compliance with regulatory requirements, preserve customer privacy, and set up authentication procedures for particular users and devices.

Also known as cloud computing security, cloud security can be adjusted to meet your business’s unique needs. Furthermore, because these standards can be defined and controlled in one location, administrative costs are decreased, allowing IT employees to concentrate on other aspects of the business.

We at Dynamix Solutions determine how cloud security is provided. We share the implementation of cloud security measures with the business owner we are dealing with. Also, we understand and take into consideration that robust cloud computing security is imperative for businesses transitioning to the cloud. As a result, we focus on offering the best security measures specifically customized for your cloud infrastructure.

Cloud security is critical for businesses transitioning to the use of cloud services. Cloud services are no less vulnerable than onsite computer networks to cyberattacks that are continually growing and more complex. We offer cloud security specifically tailored to your network.

Why Choose Dynamix Solutions

Dynamix Solutions offers cloud services through highly trained and experienced staff. We are competent in assisting any organization with a cloud assessment to evaluate any systems that can deliver more excellent dependability and availability by replacing office servers with the cloud. We provide unrestricted access to your clients’ cloud data. Our cloud services can help your business to:

Increase partnership.

You and your colleagues will have unlimited and restricted access to your documents allowing you to edit and share them whenever you want. Thanks to our cloud-based workflow and file sharing, your team will be able to make real-time updates and have complete insight into their collaborations.

Improve security.

You will have access to your data regardless of what happens to your computer. You will also be able to delete data from lost computers remotely to ensure that sensitive information does not get into the hands of the wrong people.

Automatic update of your software.

We handle frequent software updates, thus helping save the time you would have used in system maintenance. Therefore, you will have time to concentrate on essential things such as building your business.

Save your cost of operation.

When you use our cloud services, you’ll be able to avoid expensive costs on computer hardware/software. You can pay as you go and benefit from a cash-flow-friendly subscription-based strategy.

Choosing our cloud services great benefit to your company. If you own a business in Calgary, get in touch with the Dynamix Solutions cloud services provider for guidance on incorporating cloud computing services into your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The three cloud services are Software as a Service (SaaS) encompasses different services, including file storage and backup; Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) serves as a data center framework, thus eliminating onsite installations; Platform as a service that provides a web-based environment that allows developers to build cloud apps.
Cloud computing services provide a much more comprehensive and efficient IT infrastructure designed to improve business performance and assist growth and development. They help a business save on operation costs, protect its data and enhance connectivity between the people within the company.
The three steps to adequate cloud security to ensure that your cloud service provider layers in layered security, has strong policies on data privacy and that you hold them accountable for what they do.
The cloud security requirements are; A great perimeter firewall, an intrusion detection system with even logging, Internal firewalls for every individual application and database, data-at-rest encryption, and a robust data center with impenetrable physical security.