Should you give Telecommuting the green light?

Telecommuting is a trend that has taken the business world by storm. If you’re feeling the winds tugging at your organization too, here are some pros and cons you’d like to know about before deciding which way to go. The pros: Telecommuting helps employees and the company save not just money, but time too! This…

Microsoft SharePoint Service In Your Toronto Business

Have you thought about Microsoft SharePoint for your growing Brantford business? Look no further than your team Toronto IT Consultants to help you with figuring out which Microsoft Office SharePoint Server solution best fits you. Microsoft SharePoint provides some key services many businesses have adopted to manage workflow, provide document libraries and help with simple and complex business processes. There are many GTA businesses using SharePoint today and your team of Toronto IT Support specialists are serving businesses each day with questions around deploying, using and managing Microsoft SharePoint. SharePoint has proven to help both large and small businesses to … Read more

What defines a Managed Service Provider?

As the market becomes saturated with “Managed Service Providers” it’s becoming more and more difficult to determine if an organization is a true managed service provider or just an individual, traditional VAR marketing themselves as a Managed Service Provider.  Dynamix Solutions has been operating with this business model since the company was founded in 2001. It took us a few years to develop and refine the correct infrastructure, process, procedures, and product offerings to truly call ourselves a Managed Service Provider. The basic level of Managed Services can be defined by wikipedia: “Managed services is the practice of transferring day-to-day … Read more