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Private vs. Public Cloud Computing

In the technology industry, it has been debated that the phrase “private cloud” is considered an oxymoron. This is because private clouds are a cloud computing service infrastructure that functions outside of a company’s internal network.

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network security assessment

What Is A Network Security Assessment and What Are Its Benefits?

Since 2009, security incident have compounded at an annual growth rate of 66%. When confronted with these statistics, it’s easy to become worried about your company’s internal network security. In order to battle these network security threats, the first thing your company should do is conduct a network security assessment. What is a network security assessment? A network security assessment incorporates the reviews of security design principles, traffic flows, and network and security solutions. It will help you decide the steps that need to be followed to prepare yourself, your company and your network security infrastructure. Interviews are conducted with key … Read more

What Is Internet Privacy and What Does Privacy Mean to You?

What is Internet Privacy and what does privacy mean to you Dynamix Solutions e1627066497179

When people mention internet privacy, do you know what they mean? Unfortunately, everyone who browses the internet doesn’t understand what privacy is. Internet privacy is important to comprehend if you want to protect sensitive data, to maximize your computer privacy, and to determine what privacy means to you.

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How to Reduce Business IT Support Costs

Dynamix How to Reduce Business IT Support Costs

Business IT support is one of the biggest expenses that any company has to deal with and rightly so. In this day and age, information and technology are the basic foundation of business operations.

But the problem that most businesses are experiencing is that this cost for business IT support is getting out of control.

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