New Legislation Set To Combat Spam In Canada

How much spam does your Toronto business receive?  If your business is like many, spam is something you have just learned to deal with.  Maybe you have brought in our team at Dynamix to help reduce the amount of spam through deploying a spam filtering solution.  Spam is a huge problem and a huge distraction for many Toronto businesses. Spam messages have been one of the major curses about doing business online! Thousands of  Toronto business professionals open their Microsoft Outlook mailbox in the morning and you find half of their mailboxes filled with spam messages.  These messages may offer services … Read more

Microsoft looks at bad cell phone habits

Microsoft teamed up with Harris Interactive to conduct the phone survey to commemorate the launch of its Windows Phone 7 (recently launched here in the Toronto area). The survey was conducted on more than 2,000 adults to find out what bad phone behaviours are. The most startling finding of the survey was the fact that 72 percent of the respondents felt that the phone was one of their pet peeves while only 18 percent people admitted being guilty when it came to behaving badly themselves. Are you in the habit of answering to a phone call even while attending a … Read more

Virtualization for Small & Medium Size Businesses

More and more SMB clients today are asking Dynamix solutions about Virtualizing their IT environment.  A few points for our Small & Medium sized clients surrounding Virtualization. Benefits would include power, cooling savings, less server space used to name a few. Small businesses face many of the same IT challenges as larger businesses, trying to accommodate increasing demand for new IT capabilities and services. Small businesses often place even greater emphasis on cost savings and on protecting business critical systems and data, since shrinking IT staff and budgets and a “do more with less” mantra make it extremely difficult to simultaneously maintain … Read more

Proactive IT Services Save Small and Medium Businesses Thousands of Dollars

Every dollar a small business spends needs to have an immediate and quantifiable return. This is especially true for critical services such as I.T. support. If you are one of the millions of small businesses that depend upon your technology to keep your business running, proactive Managed Services will save you money, improve your efficiencies and reduce your downtime. The Solution With the advent of new monitoring tools and the ability to remotely deliver help desk services to small businesses all over the world, Managed I.T. Service Providers have developed proactive maintenance plans for their clients that maximize their uptime … Read more