What’s the Difference Between Multi-Factor Authentication Options? (SMS, App, Security Key)

Cloud adoption is nearly complete in Canada, with 92% of all businesses here using public cloud services. Cloud-based tools have become indispensable during the pandemic because they make business processes and data available from anywhere. But with the flexibility of the cloud services also comes new security challenges. One of the biggest dangers with online environments is password breaches. All too often business SaaS tools (Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Salesforce, etc.) are only protected by user passwords, and unfortunately, people often adopt poor password habits. Some of these bad habits that put company cloud accounts at risk are: Reusing passwords … Read more

Why Has Ransomware Become So Prevalent? (How to Protect Your Business)

Of all the different types of malware, ransomware has become one of the most damaging. Companies often find their operations at a standstill when ransomware infects their network, and too many of them end up paying the ransom to get their data back. While spyware, viruses, and adware are all bad and can disrupt your business, ransomware is the threat that can immediately stop all operations, costing companies hundreds of thousands of dollars. Ransomware is also one of the business threats that has been exploding in growth. Attack numbers are up, ransom demands have increased, and remediation costs also keep … Read more

Technology Checklist for a Successful Remote Team

As of January 2021, 32% of Canadian workers (aged 15 to 69) worked mainly from home, as compared to just 4% back in 2016. Having a remote or hybrid workforce is becoming the norm for businesses around the world, but it’s still a fairly new environment for companies and one they’re working to perfect. It’s important that infrastructures and processes such as network security and device management are updated to accommodate a remote team. Employees also need to have the right communication tools to empower their work and ensure they can connect with customers and colleagues easily. Are you’re still … Read more