Beware of Fake Remote Desktop Support Scams

You’re used to scams from people pretending to be rich relatives. But you may not have seen one from people pretending to be remote desktop support from Toronto, Markham and the rest of the GTA should beware. reported, “scammers have made an estimated tens of millions of dollars by tricking computer users into thinking their PCs are infected.”

“The scammers cold call people, tell them that harmless error messages in the Windows Event Viewer are actually signs of a major problem, and then convince them to install a remote desktop program that gives the scammer access to their computer.”

The digital conmen will then pretend to fix your issue and charge you for the services and repairs that you never even needed. They have also been known to steal users’ passwords and private information.

A report from Symantec Corp. says the cost of cybercrime in Canada has risen over the last year to $3 billion US. The same report estimates that 7-million Canadians fell victim to cybercrime in the past 12 months, while the average direct cost of cybercrime, per victim, in Canada, is about $372 US, according to the report.

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