How Higher Education Institutions Benefit from Managed Service providers

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In the wake of the pandemic, many universities, colleges, and other schools have had to rethink how they’re using technology. 

Online became the new classroom environment, and many institutions did not have the infrastructure in place to meet the demands of a COVID-19 world. This includes the need to put remote learning equipment and software in place and manage online replacements for systems that used to be done in person.

Professionals that provide managed IT solutions for educational institutions took on a whole new level of importance. When your classrooms are largely virtual, if you experience downtime, then your school is essentially closed to students.

Even with many campuses now reopening in Canada, many are still keeping a hybrid (online & offline) environment with more emphasis on remote learning than they’ve ever had.

Managed IT service providers that specialize in the distinct needs of educational facilities are in high demand and can provide significant benefits.

The Benefits of Managed IT Services in 2021

Certain IT solutions for educational institutions are unique to their needs. These institutions benefit from working with a managed services provider that understands the technology environment in schools. 

Trying to handle IT completely in-house can sometimes lead to “tunnel-vision” or a lack of resources when major digital transformations are needed. 

Here are several of the advantages of working with a trusted managed IT services company.

Can Provide Responsive Remote Support

You don’t always need to have someone onsite in order to get expert IT assistance. A large percentage of computer and technology issues can be handled through remote support. This means that you can have an IT expert to address your issue quickly, and to any location needed.

Works with Multiple Clients & Knows Best Practices

One problem with only relying on an in-house IT team and not using managed IT services, is that you may be missing valuable insight into best practices and better ways of doing things.

Managed IT service providers work with multiple clients in many fields and industries, this gives us a unique perspective of what works well in each environment and we can bring those best practices to you.

Can Provide 24/7 Support

Working with an IT provider can ensure you have support coverage when you need it. Rather than waiting on long response times or being left without a critical system over the weekend, you can have help 24/7 improving your own service reliability.

Augments & Overworked In-House Team

In-house IT teams can easily get overworked, especially when there are multiple building networks, users, and devices to manage.

Working with an MSP can provide your in-house team with the help it needs to keep up with demand and provide expertise for particularly complex IT issues.

Keeps Your Institution Better Secured

Managed IT services include multiple automated protections, including patch/update management, managed backup, managed antivirus, and more. These services help you maintain cybersecurity and avoid a costly data breach or malware infection. 

The Importance of Digital Infrastructure in Higher Education Institutions 

Digital infrastructure is only becoming more important as each year goes by. Without the cloud environment that had been put in place over the last decade, the pandemic would’ve looked very different with much less learning being able to get done during lockdowns.

Higher education institutions rely heavily on a wide variety of technologies, both to serve their students and facilitate running their organizations.

Some of the key digital assets that are mainstays in the educational sector are:

  • Audio/Visual Equipment
  • Applications to facilitate remote learning
  • VoIP communications 
  • Productivity tools for document creation and task management
  • Facilities that can support student learning via technology
  • Security systems that can be remotely monitored
  • Tracking for schedules, students, and staff

MSPs and Remote Learning – COVID-19

Remote learning is not going anywhere, even once the pandemic comes to an end. Just like the business environment has been forever changed due to COVID-19, so have educational institutions.

49% of remote learning students anticipated still enrolling in online courses after their campuses opened for normal operations. 

To make this shift to a hybrid educational environment that includes more reliance on technology, institutions can benefit from their relationships with MSPs in the following ways.

Optimized Remote Learning Infrastructure

Many educational institutions did their best to meet the needs of remote learning when the pandemic hit. But now it’s time to move to a more permanent and optimized remote environment, and this is an area where MSPs have the expertise and can help.

Maintaining Secure Environments

More online infrastructure means more risk when it comes to IT security. MSPs can provide a framework and the systems needed to help educational institutions maintain data and network security.

Reduce Costs

Costs are always a priority, and even though your technology infrastructure may be getting larger, doesn’t mean your expenses need to increase. Working with an MSP can help you streamline your technology to do more while costing less.

Get Expert Help Optimizing Your Educational Facility’s Technology Environment

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