Are You Wasting Money on Your IT Services?

it services for business IT departments often bear the brunt of any financial report targeting wastage; if this is true of your business, it is time to find the right IT services for your business. Integral to this is discovering where the wastage is occurring and the elements that need to be developed or outsourced.

Excess Energy Use

One of the largest expenses in any IT department is energy consumption. It is understandable that your IT department might be amongst the highest users of electricity within your company. But, there is a great deal IT departments can do to reduce the amount of energy they waste. Ideas include:

  • Turning off monitors rather than relying on screensavers
  • Turning on power-saving features
  • Turning off servers when they are not in use
  • Ensuring that units are properly ventilated
  • Turning off lights when the department is empty

Mobile Devices

As mobile devices have increased in sophistication and have become more affordable, so has the number of companies supplying them to their staff. While there are staff members who do need access to a company’s paid for devices, the number is not as high as businesses first assumed. Companies should question requests for business mobile devices and weigh up the benefits against the costs.

Tying Employees to Their Desks

Business needs to be flexible to meet the changing needs of customers. Businesses also need to consider the changing needs of their workforces. In doing this, companies can also cut unnecessary costs. Costs that can be lower include:

  • Parking space
  • Office space and equipment
  • Heating and lighting
  • Higher productivity levels

Your IT Staff Knows What They Do/Don’t Need for Your Business

Your IT team is central to all the work that travels through its department. They are generally best placed to know which structures and processes work and which do not. The first step in cutting wastage is to listen to your existing staff and at least work through their ideas.

There will be occasions when this process highlights a gap between the knowledge and training of the staff and the needs of your business. When this occurs then time, money and effort are potentially wasted. Removing waste in this area can involve the following:

  • Providing mentors for newer staff
  • Retraining existing staff
  • Using contractors for specific projects that are outside the skills set of existing staff
  • Outsourcing elements of your IT department, specific projects or even the entire department

Finding the Right Solution for Your Wastage Problem

No two companies are the same, and therefore neither are their wastage issues. It may be that not all of the points that have been covered are salient to your specific business. However, until you begin to explore your IT department and its potential wastages, areas of potential improvement will remain unknown.

At Dynamix Solutions, we can manage that exploration for you while you focus on your business and positive ways to reduce the financial waste.

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