Acceptable Internet Use In Your Toronto Business

When is it proper to check the latest Toronto Maple Leafs scores and stats at work?

Would your boss mind if you book your next vacation on your work computer?

Access to the Internet is as common as the telephone. Employees can have access to social networks, travel sites and personal email on the office computer. With this ease of access to the Internet comes the potential for abuse. What is acceptable in today’s workplace?

What is the biggest risk to your business?

Besides the obvious technology risks associated with internet activity, the largest risk today is the high amount of work hours that are frittering away when employees update their Facebook status, check personal email or even visit questionable websites. Loss of productivity is often the largest risk to business and most often goes undetected.

A Snapshot Spy survey conducted a few years ago reported that over 60% of employees admitted to making personal online purchases using their company computer. Over 40% of workers use the corporate Internet for activities that have nothing to do with work.

Some of the people surveyed also admitted they have used corporate computer systems to look for a new job.  What can your business do?

If your business doesn’t have an acceptable internet use policy, this is a must. In addition to the acceptable internet use policy, business owners must think about policies around social media policies. Your policies should clearly outline what is acceptable and what activities are not allowed on company time.

Security of corporate data and IT must be addressed. There are many levels of security a business must look at. Implementing a content filtering system will take care of filtering out spam . Not only can content filters scan the email message itself, it can also scan your information in the subject line of your email. Content filters cover a wide array of measures to make sure safety of your important data including parental controls, anti-virus software, as well as web content.

Additional security concerns range from email compliance, virus protection and security threats which often go undetected. These stealth threats may be related to social networking sites, mobile phones and phishing activities.

Your best bet is to contact Dynamix. Our team of professional Toronto business technology professionals understands how to protect your corporate network from most of the threats that exist today. In addition, if you need a sample internet acceptable use policy or social media policy, contact us and we will be happy to send you a copy of our samples.

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