ABOUT Sally Darwish

Regional Account Manager at Dynamix Solutions

Sally Darwish is a dedicated and highly professional Computer Engineer with a remarkable track record spanning over two decades. With expertise that encompasses a wide array of technologies, Sally has honed her skills in enterprise software, operating systems, programs, and hardware platforms.

Sally’s commitment to customer satisfaction shines through her impeccable execution, consistently meeting end-user requirements. Her ability to assemble and lead efficient teams is a testament to her leadership acumen, ensuring the successful fulfillment of projects from conceptualization to final delivery.

Sally’s extensive experience was cultivated in the competitive Oil & Gas industry, where she served in various roles within Schlumberger Information Solutions division. Her journey included positions as a Systems Engineer, specializing in deploying enterprise software and hardware solutions, Database Management, Sales Account Manager, and Sales Team Lead. Sally has also contributed her skills to governmental school boards, championing her children’s educational development.

As a valuable member of the Dynamix Solutions team, Sally continues to bring her wealth of experience and expertise to the forefront, ensuring that clients receive top-tier IT solutions and support. Her passion for problem-solving and her commitment to excellence make her an invaluable asset to the Dynamix Solutions family.