ABOUT Devon Shuttleworth-Smalley

Technical Consultant at Dynamix Solutions

Devon Shuttleworth-Smalley is a promising talent who holds a Bachelor of Information Technology degree with a major in Networking and Security from the esteemed University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT). With experience in subjects such as CCNA (Route and Switch), CCNP (Route, Switch, and Troubleshooting), Law and Ethics of IT, Collaborative Leadership, Web & Script Programming, Enterprise Network Management, and IT Security Policies & Procedures, Devon uses his educational background to underscore his dedication to mastering the intricacies of the IT field.

Devon serves as an Intermediate Support Technician at Dynamix Solutions, where his focus on system administration tasks demonstrates his commitment to excellence in the field of IT. Devon’s dedication to his work aligns seamlessly with Dynamix Solutions’ ethos of providing top-tier IT services and support to clients.

With a solid educational foundation, practical experience, and a forward-looking approach, Devon is poised to make significant contributions to the world of IT, further enhancing Dynamix Solutions’ reputation as a leader in the industry.