We take a different approach to IT support — dozens of professionals working together, covering all of IT.

Providing high-quality services since 2001

We organized our managed IT business with an eye to stability. Keeping our experts as happy as our customers minimizes turnover and uncertainty which affect our customers.

Our customers need solutions. Often, they need solutions before questions turn into actual problems. Overlapping and complementary skills between our professionals mean there is almost always more than one person familiar with a customer’s situation.

The results?

  • Our customers get more attention and quicker answers when it counts.
  • Our professionals avoid getting pigeonholed as a customer’s only resource.

IT professionals are prone to burnout over time. It’s difficult to relax and have a life when they’re a company’s only lifeline. And it’s not smart for any aspect of a business to be reliant on a single individual.

This led to Dynamix Solutions.

  • Managed IT support provided by a team of professionals and built on state-of-the-art tools.
  • Remote monitoring of clients alerts us to problems as soon as they arise, even outside working hours.
  • Remote access to the client’s hardware saves valuable time.
  • Scheduling routine maintenance outside of your working hours avoids expensive downtime.
  • Extensive documentation provides all of our team members with clear explanations of the customer’s previous history, current configuration, and other information.

These elements came together to improve service for our customers and professionals alike. Then we took the last step and made it affordable by contracting with our customers.

  • IT becomes a semi-fixed cost in their ledger.
  • Customers only contract for the services they need.
  • They can budget for IT well in advance.
  • Employees don’t waste valuable time trying to fix a problem because they know calling in someone would be expensive.

The Results

Our customers get superior service on their current systems. They gain access to professionals who can help plan for future needs and trends. And they benefit from more reliable support on a manageable budget.

Our professionals get a varied work environment where they can continue to expand their areas of expertise. They get a proactive work environment that minimizes crises and the stress they bring.

Our Team

James Moutsos 1

James Moutsos

Founder & CEO

Vinod Kalra 1

Vinod Kalra

Director, Client Services


Robin Fidelino

Team Lead


Sandra Kotsopoulos

Director of Operations / Director of Human Resources / Business Strategist / Passionate Leader

Terra Butler

Terra Butler (Lewis)

Senior National Account Manager

Sally Darwish

Sally Darwish

Regional Account Manager

Iliya Dvoretsky

Iliya Dvoretsky

Senior Consultant

Devon Shuttleworth Smalley

Devon Shuttleworth-Smalley

Technical Consultant

Michael Alkishawy

Michael Alkishawy

IT Consultant

Tenzin Paljor

Tenzin Paljor

Help Desk Technician

Brandon Beck

Brandon Beck

Technical Consultant & Support

Dalia El Saikali

Dalia El-Saikali

Bookkeeper / Client Support Specialist


Joseph Donnelly

Intermediate Support Technician

Mohammad Hatami

Mohammad Hatami

IT Support Analyst and Technician

Oscar Liu

Oscar Liu

Systems Administrator

What Our Clients Say

With offices in Toronto and Calgary, Dynamix Solutions is committed to providing accessibility to people with disabilities. We adhere to the principles of dignity, independence, integration, and equal opportunity.