A Simple Way To Find Managed IT Services That Work For Your Business

Managed IT services can be a blessing or a curse, depending on how you’ve implemented them. The obvious benefits of outsourcing many of the routine IT functions that you usually do in-house is the extra time available to do more meaningful IT projects. However, don’t forget that the routine IT functions are also the backbone of your business and if they don’t work, you don’t make money. It’s important to use reputable IT companies that can deliver consistent and quality work for your everyday IT tasks. In addition, your IT department should be involved every step of the way, to get their buy-in initially, and to oversee the implementation of managed IT services so that it ends up being flawless.

Routine Managed IT Services That Are Easy to Outsource

To get our IT department on board, you can choose services that provide instant relief to your IT department. Some of these services are:

Disaster Recovery – Backups are a fact of life when you are in IT. However, they can be time-consuming, boring, tasks that sometimes have to be done more than once, if the backup fails. By outsourcing disaster recovery services, the in-house IT department can be relieved of this tedious task, yet still be confident that should something happen, they can fully recover without a hitch.

Help Desk – IT people aren’t necessarily the most customer-oriented group of souls out there. If you have software and hardware geniuses running a help desk, instead of working on more complex projects, you are misusing your human resources. You can outsource the help desk function so that you not only get more customer-oriented individuals to run your help desk, but you also reserve your in-house expertise for more challenging projects.

Software Rollouts – Managed IT services can be instrumental in routine software rollouts, especially when your own IT department is understaffed for such a company-wide endeavor. If you also need specialists in a particular platform that you don’t have in-house, you can outsource specific IT functions to help with this type of implementation, without the need to hire expensive full-time staff.

Why Some IT Departments Remain Resistant to Managed IT Services

While it is easy to outsource many routine tasks that are burdensome to your in-house IT staff, they may still be wary of implementing managed IT services. They know, from past experience, that if you outsource to a bad company, it can cause problems and even worse, they will no longer have the control they need to fix those problems once they arise. It is true, that the goal of outsourcing IT services is to reduce the level of control in-house, but it doesn’t have to have catastrophic consequences. If the IT department is involved in vetting and approving all the managed IT services that you want to outsource, they will be able to maintain a supervisory role that will allay most of these fears and keep them firmly holding the reigns of power, in case you need an in-house solution.

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