78% of Malware Attacks Result From Unpatched Java and Adobe Acrobat Software

Java Malware Most of today’s malware attacks involve exploiting unpatched Internet-related software, including browser helpers and add-ons. The two pieces of unpatched software that account for 78% of all security breaches are Java and Adobe Acrobat Reader; unpatched Java accounts for 50 percent these attacks. Windows is no longer on the list of the top 10 most exploited programs.

Many companies neglect to fully patch their Java and Acrobat Reader software on client workstations. And for servers, many companies never update versions of server management software, nor routers and other types of network equipment.

If you want to drastically reduce your computer security risk, you must maintain updates and patches. When software companies release a critical security patch, you should apply the patch within one week. More than 80% of known exploits have patches available as soon as the vulnerability is found.

It’s important to check the patch status on your computers, servers, routers, and other network equipment; and avoid relying on automated tools. Of course, automated tools are good to have, but they only provide a general idea of your overall environment. In order to thoroughly maintain your patching status, use a combination of manual and automated methods. Better yet, ask your IT Managed Service Provider to do this!