5 Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring a Managed IT Services Company

managed IT services company allows you to focus on running your business, rather than worrying about technology. It has become popular for firms to outsource this task to someone else who has that expertise.

There are many managed IT services companies. How do you pick the best one? Here are five questions to ask when you’re looking at outsourcing your IT management.

1. What is the Company’s Area of Expertise?

Not every managed IT services company is a good fit for your firm or industry. While an outsourcing business will try to sell itself, it might not have the expertise to provide what you need.

Ask for references within your field from the managed IT providers you’re considering. Those references will be able to tell you whether a particular managed IT service firm will be right for your business or not.

2. Does the Managed IT Services Company Outsource?

Some managed IT services companies use third party help desk businesses to lower the cost to clients. However, that may mean you don’t get the assistance you need, especially if that third party help desk service is based outside of the country and is staffed by non-native English speakers.

Choose an outsourcing company that keeps everything in-house. You’ll get the assistance you require in a timely fashion and with minimal frustration.

3. What are its Response Times?

Let’s say you have an outage which prevents your company from carrying on its normal business operations. You can’t afford to wait for hours on end or even days until a technician comes to fix it.

Select an outsourcing firm which guarantees its response times. When a provider makes such a guarantee, the business has an obligation to meet it. Otherwise, it will lose clients and shut down.

4. How Much Does the Contract Cover?

Before you sign anything, read the contract carefully. Nowadays, people use their smart phones and tablets for business purposes. If that’s the case for you, make sure that the IT services provider will be responsible for supporting those devices as well.

It’s also important to know what software, hardware and services are not covered by the contract. Knowing that in advance means you can make alternate arrangements.

5. What About Preventive Maintenance?

The phrase “a pound of prevention is worth an ounce of cure” applies to your hardware and software, too. Preventive maintenance can include assessing which assets need replacing or upgrading.

Why is it worth it to perform preventive maintenance? If something isn’t taken care of now, it can become a very expensive problem later.

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