5 Benefits of Cloud Computing That You Might Have Missed

cloud computing Cloud computing, “the cloud” SaaS, are terms that are oftenly heard throughout the business and technology world. This is for good reason, as the benefits of cloud computing are vast for both large and small businesses. The most immediate benefits of cloud computing include cost reduction and remote access. Here we outline five benefits of cloud computing that you may not yet have considered.


A business can easily achieve economies of scale by increasing total productivity with fewer people. Over time your cost per unit, per project or per product will decrease dramatically. This benefit is especially powerful for SMEs as they can have access to enterprise-class technology for lower costs. Smaller businesses are able to be as agile as bigger established competitors.

Elimination of Hardware Management

You can maintain easy access to your data with low upfront spending. Over time, you just have to pay for the technology infrastructure that you use based on your demand. Managing hardware can be eliminated by your in-house IT team, along with software updates and renewals. These items would be handled by your cloud vendor, and should be at no additional cost to the customer. These automatic updates ensure that the user interface stays up-to-date with business demands.

Document Control

Companies that don’t utilize the cloud must resort to confusing communication solutions when collaborating on documents. Workers have to send files back and forth over email. This allows only one person to work on the document at a time, re-saving the file each time to try and organize versions.

Cloud computing can keep all your company files in one location, and everyone can work off one central copy. Changes can be made by multiple people at the same time, and even chat with each other while reviewing simultaneously. This helps to make collaboration stronger, to increase your business’ efficiency.


Your business technological demands could increase quickly through numerous events, such as the closing of a large new contract, or with the release of a popular new service. The second your business needs more bandwidth, even temporarily, a cloud-based service can instantly meet your needs. The vast capacity of remote servers can adjust more quickly to meet business demands than if you were dependent on in-house servers.

Environmentally Friendly

Because businesses only use the server space they need, they are able to decrease their carbon footprint. Utilizing the cloud results in at least 30% less energy consumption than using on-site servers. SME’s get the most benefits in this regard: small companies are likely to decrease energy and carbon emissions up to 90%.

Macro and Micro Benefits of Cloud Computing

As you can see, the benefits of cloud computing are much broader than simply saving money. These five benefits are just a few of the macro and micro benefits that businesses can gain by  utilizing cloud computing in their business model.

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