4 Common Solutions to 4 Common IT Outsourcing Problems


Like everything in business, outsourcing has its advantages and disadvantages, but there are solutions to outsourcing problems that allow you to minimize the drawbacks.

That being said, here are four simple solutions to four common IT outsourcing problems:

1. Solutions to outsourcing problems caused by change management catastrophes

People do not like change. As such, they have a natural inclination to resist any changes to their workplace, including the introduction of an outsourced IT support system.

Whether this resistance is passive or aggressive, it will make it difficult for the outsourced support to succeed. To avoid this, disseminate a comprehensive plan for transitioning to the new IT system.

2. Solutions to outsourcing problems caused by surprise bills

If you do not understand why an outsourced IT bill is a certain price, it is probably your fault. As Jack Wallen of the Tech Republic recently said in an article, “There are costs involved with outsourcing IT that many do not consider.”

When you sit down with your outsourced support and break down what is covered and what will cost extra, you will be prepared. Also be sure to have the IT company list everything that they are charging you for; if you do not need it, do not pay for it.

3. Solutions to outsourcing problems caused when trying to protect sensitive data

As technology expert James Bucki said in an About Money article, you must use discretion when your outsourced IT support services involve “sharing proprietary company data or knowledge (e.g. product drawings, formulas, etc.).” If you do not, you are giving an outside entity access to this data, putting your company at risk for a serious security breach.

You can prevent this by controlling what data your outsourced IT company’s team can access and establishing a legally binding agreement wherein the IT company is penalized for unauthorized access or misusing data.

4. Solutions to outsourcing problems caused regarding ownership of your website

When you outsource your IT service, you are will inevitably have to give an outside entity the ability to manipulate various technologies, including your company website.

If you are not careful, however, you may walk into a situation wherein the outsourced IT company owns and fully controls your company website. This can easily happen, especially if the outsourced IT service had a hand in developing or redesigning it.

To avoid this, you need to do three things:

  1. Make sure that your company is registered as the owner of the domain (can be verified on whois.net)
  2. Make sure that only you have registrar control (the ability to manipulate your domain)
  3. Only allow outsourced personnel to manage your website through registry support — instead if giving them full access

Good IT Relationships Start at the Beginning

Doing extensive research and having detailed conversations before you hire a provider will go along way. This maps out clear expectations for both sides.

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