3 Ways to Make Sure IT Outsourcing Works for You

You always need clear goals and a clear plan when outsourcing your IT. Toronto and the entire GTA have lots of options for you to choose from. So to make sure your provider and your plan are a good fit, there are a few things you can do from your end.

Assign a Dedicated Contact

To avoid frustrated people on either side of the fence, assign one person to liaise with your provider. Limit this to one or two people at the most and make sure they “own it.” Poor communication between parties is how missed goals, break-downs and task duplication (or worse) can happen.

Be Clear on the Plan/ Deadlines

The transition to the new provider is a huge undertaking. There is setting up new systems, transitioning legacy materials, and all sorts of other logistical hurdles. You need to communicate clearly and often during the early stages, to make sure each deadline/ milestone is accounted for and clearly defined.

Stay Flexible

Establish language in your contract and in your dealings with your provider that allows for flexibility. Technology changes quickly, and so does the way that IT meets the needs of your business. Allowing for some flexibility to change things down the line will be good for you and your provider.

If you have any questions about IT outsourcing in Toronto or the GTA area, please contact us any time.

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