3 Convincing Reasons You Shouldn’t Outsource IT Services to a Freelancer

Outsourcing IT services can work for some companies, and for others, it might not be a good idea. While it has become an increasingly popular option, here are some possibly overlooked risks.

1. Loss of Control

When you outsource it services to a freelancer, you lose control over how things are done, except as specified in the contract. If your company has a mission statement or set of core values that must be upheld, this does not apply to the external contractor that you hire to provide services to your company. They have different motivations than you do because they are in business to make money providing it services. That goal does not always align with the client’s goals.

Additionally, you are granting outsiders access to your network and data. There is a risk that confidential information could be compromised. Companies that handle patient data are legally required to ensure the privacy of their patients. This becomes harder when you have an outside contractor with access to your systems. You have to ensure that your vendor employs robust security measures, both on their own systems, as well as on yours.

2. Quality Problems and Cost Control

Whoever you end up outsourcing IT services to is motivated by profit, the same way that you are. They will try to decrease expenses, which often means a lower quality of work. Additionally, when you have people that work with your systems regularly, they develop a good amount of knowledge about the quirks of the system. You lose the personal touch that in house IT services provide.

Your vendor has their own bottom line to watch. Anything that isn’t specifically covered under the contract will be an extra charge. Additionally, you will have to retain legal counsel just to review the contract to hire an outside vendor to perform IT services.

3. Accessibility

When you have an in house IT department, they are paid to specifically handle the IT needs of your company and should be available anytime that their services are required. Outsourcing IT services risk losing that accessibility. You might have increased downtime while waiting for a busy IT contractor to come in and do any in-depth troubleshooting or repairs.
Outsourcing IT services isn’t always a bad idea, but it is good to be aware of the disadvantages as well as advantages.

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