10 Benefits of Software Asset Management (SAM)

Software Asset Management (SAM) involves the effective management and optimization of software applications in business. By optimizing your SAM, you can realize real tangible benefits of software asset management from a business perspective. Consequently, you are also able to get the most from your software.

By using a tangible set of IT practices, you’ll receive a return on investment that aligns with the technological nature of society. Software is everything in today’s modern business climate due to changing times. It measures user engagement with software and involves the consumer with the procurement process. Using a SAM solution can help benefit these measures, and bring many additional benefits which we discuss in the below article.

Failing to properly address software license asset management can result in legal penalties. As a result, it is important to embody software asset management to prevent this costly outcome. This has become increasingly important when you consider the evolving nature of software, and SAM has become a buzzword due to its overarching benefits.

10 Benefits of Software Asset Management

Beyond the legal implications, there are real benefits of software asset management, which are outlined below.

1. Budgeting

Using SAM as a workstation support solution allows you to easily predict and forecast software costs, which are higher now than ever before. You will also better understand how your licensing needs align with your business goals. By adopting a SAM solution, you will be better equipped to budget for software acquisitions, freeing time to focus on your core activities. You can then focus time on assessing your business strategy rather than being tied down by technology operations.

2. Quantifying Wastage

Gathering core business intelligence is just a small spectrum of a SAM solution’s capabilities. This is because of its profound impact on reducing hardware and software expenditures. By creating an initial benchmark of what software and hardware you use and need, you can accurately calculate the IT spend across the business.

3. Cost Savings and Optimization

With SAM, you can determine your exact user needs, while garnering the least expensive software licensing agreement. Your organization will have the ideal number of software deployments and licenses. With SAM, you can cut software spending costs by up to 30%, utilizing a method that reduces maintenance costs and is responsible for licensing.

4. Wider Buy-In

The benefits of software asset management are easily measurable. Therefore, they are a great way for IT to demonstrate value and justify strategy. SAM proves the value of software licenses and can generate high levels of user engagement. With a SAM program that shares data on the ability to ensure effective IT expenditure, you can achieve high savings. Therefore, as costs reduce, your staff will become more supportive of formal software approval procedures, creating a progressive culture.

5. Reduce Security Risk

When you use a SAM solution, your network becomes less vulnerable to threats. By ensuring software’s proper configuration, your model mitigates risk. As a result, this will prevent viruses, network breaches, conflicts, viruses, and malware.

6. Empowerment

Using a SAM solution can help users engage in better discussions with software publishers. As a result, this puts you in a better position to use your technology to enhance productivity. By partnering with leading software vendors, your collaboration can contribute to the efficient development of products and services.

7. Education

With SAM you can learn about licenses and the benefits you should be getting and finally, understand exactly what you’re paying for. By receiving insight from professional tools, you will receive an optimized return on investment and reduce costs.

8. Best Fit Licensing

Best fit licensing ensures that you only buy what you need and gain a better understanding of your software requirements. A SAM solution ensures your business is properly licenced and, as a result, your goals properly align with compliance, entitlements, and roadmap needs.

9. Integration

There are multiple leading companies, such as Dynamix Solutions, that offer SAM services with 24/7 support, who can tackle all your application issues from any location. This means you don’t have to concern yourself with software problems arising from incompatibility and integration since your solution is deployable across all operations without interruption.

10. Monitoring Project Success

SAM data is highly valuable and can track budget costs and the adoption of new applicants. You can also use it to track deployment and adoption rates, which you can overlay against a project plan to forecast decision making.

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