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We offer expert cybersecurity services and fully managed IT support services to Toronto and Calgary Businesses


Free yourself from the restrictions of traditional office tech so you can build a remote team and grow your business from anywhere in the world.

  • Video & Messaging
  • Cloud Hosted Email
  • VPN Connections


Combine the latest productivity, cloud and communication apps with our reliable support so you and your employees can accomplish more.

  • Productivity Apps
  • Help Desk Support
  • 24/7 Monitoring


Never lose sleep wondering if your company data is safe from the mounting cyber security threats against small and medium sized businesses.

  • Endpoint Protection
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Network Security


Insure your company’s data, network, and devices against major loss, keeping your business moving no matter what disasters may occur. 

  • Data Backup & DR
  • Cloud Hosting
  • File Sync & Share


Stop reacting to the present and start preparing for the future with our Virtual CIO (vCIO) and executive level technology planning solutions.

  • Annual Budgeting
  • Multi-Year Planning
  • Vendor Management

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IT Services Dynamix Solutions Provides

Dynamix Solutions is a reliable and reputable IT Company in Canada that can help you with exceptional and unique IT solutions specific to your specific business needs.

Managed IT Services

We offer third-party IT services, essential in executing general tasks to enable organizations to improve service quality, reduce costs, and streamline internal operations. Our managed IT services help Canadian organizations outsource IT undertakings through subscription or contract for system management and infrastructure maintenance.

Remote IT Support

At Dynamix, we help businesses from the comfort of their own location by accessing and controlling applications using secured remote-supported software, developed with the latest technologies. Our software integrates computer systems and networks seamlessly, providing convenience.

Full IT Support

Through our experienced computing experts, we provide technical help and IT knowledge to assist you in solving technical issues that are harmful when not addressed. Our IT support monitors and maintains computer systems to easily configure software and hardware components in order to enhance their operationality and dependability.

IT Outsourcing Services

We provide extensive outsourcing services such as data center management, software support & maintenance, and application development. With these services, your organization can effectively see improvised business processes through our robust application services bringing sound infrastructural solutions. Outsourcing our services can also help your company minimize the costs of employing in-house teams that might be challenging to manage.

Cyber Security Services

With our advanced and industry-leading security designs and strategy services, your organization can improve its security by strengthening defenses when it comes to vital information. Our cybersecurity services are good for transforming and managing your business risks during every operation, and in enhancing data protection against potential vulnerabilities.

Cybersecurity Consulting Services

We simplify your cyber security needs by offering robust and extensive next-generation IT consulting services which aid in building cyber resilience from one level to another. With these high-end services, prompt incident response can be achieved even in cases where imminent cyber security threats are involved.

Cloud Services

We offer broad infrastructural and application resources to third-party providers who relay contracts to subscribers, allowing customers to utilize powerful computing resources. By doing so, customers will not need to maintain their hardware and software, as they have an upper hand to depend on.

Disaster Recovery Services

Our advanced computing systems enable organizations to back up their IT infrastructure and data to a 3rd party cloud platform to scale up IT infrastructure functionality. Our recovery services equip an organization with procedures and tools for restoring operations swiftly after a disruption.

Why Choose Our Toronto IT Company?

Technology is progressive, and our IT professionals at Dynamix Solutions are ready to assist you in optimizing your network uptime and implementing current technologies. Efficient IT services and effective task delivery are key components of the upscaling business when it comes to merging and staying ahead of others in our competitive modern world. Our integrated IT systems and team of experts ensure you reach out to our support team faster and assist in effectively securing your network.

We provide better services within your required time frames through our highly experienced personnel with unmatched flexibility, knowledge, and customer service. You can expect to enjoy the following benefits:

Your IT Costs Are Predictable

At our IT company, we have structured expenses for every service we provide. Therefore, your IT costs can be estimated and determined. This plan is vital in ensuring our customers know the anticipated costs they can incur when seeking IT support services through our company.

Proactive Management

We have integrated network monitoring software into our systems, which is vital in managing risks and helping our professionals check on errors that may arise in the workplace. Therefore, our process keeps computers and networks running at their optimal functionality with minimal drag on operations in the case of error.

24/7 IT Support

At Dynamix, we provide full-time IT support to individuals and companies anytime through our master-class IT infrastructure and professional support staff with exceptional experience. Our IT services are dependable, and they can be offered remotely anywhere in Canada.

Protect Your Business from Cyber Threats

Insure your company’s data, network, and devices against major loss, keeping your busineOur computer networks and systems are highly secured with advanced software which assists in countering and mitigating arising online risks. Our robust monitoring system has multifactor authentication that provides proof of identity alongside removing sensitive information from your main network of devices.

Tailored IT services for your specific business needs

We in Toronto can help your business by merging your business needs and strategic goals with our IT goals. For instance, we help organizations optimize their online presence by ensuring their departments develop and implement technologies relevant to their business

Technology Support Process

We provide technical assistance to companies with the help of software and hardware components. The process focuses on assisting users in troubleshooting particular issues on their organization’s device or network using sensitive data such as passwords, access controls, and remote access security. This process involves:

Understanding your needs

We are aware and well-informed of what you require from IT assistance to minimize unnecessary costs and achieve desired results.


Our assessment involves a systematic analysis of what your business IT services entail alongside a detailed review of technological requirements, ensuring appropriate alignment in the tech support process.

Solution proposal

The tech support process comprises of a proposed solution before any activity is done so that the process can run well and that anticipated results can be achieved, as well as aligning with your company’s culture.

Plan & Design

Tech support involves a clear plan rolled and piloted on a wide-scale design in order to accompany primary processes that provide a framework for defining the scope of the technical effort needed for developing and deploying your business’s technical assistance.


After a plan has been developed and rolled out, the process continues further on into carrying out practical, concrete measures to determine the cause of an issue.


Trials and analysis are then done to gauge the cause and extent of damage triggered to make informed decisions about appropriate corrective measures.


Experts can now launch proactive corrective measures to counter the disruption experienced, for instance, troubleshooting methods, installing or uninstalling apps, resolving password and username problems, and verifying network control access.


After corrective measures have been launched, the support process can be keenly observed, and proactive measures formulated to optimize the functionality of computer systems and their infrastructure.

Industries We Serve



We assist the education sector in improving the teaching process by providing advanced IT learning tools alongside technologies that facilitate engaging and interactive teaching methods. Our IT services help learning institutions secure essential data and information from susceptible online threats that can hamper their safety and expose them to compromised parties.



Our IT services are useful for the healthcare sector when it comes to storing, assessing, and distributing patient data to better inform and engage patients. As such, the use of technology will assist in improving patient safety by minimizing medication errors and facilitating transparency in resource allocation when checking on patients.



Our advanced IT services finance sector can analyze financial data to gauge, detect, and determine prospective customers, which helps in making informed investment decisions. Additionally, tech solutions can accelerate business performance in merging with modern financial systems and seamlessly easing the processes of quickly carrying out large transactions.



We at Dynamix Solutions have helped numerous accounting firms increase their accuracy and optimize their automation processes, saving time and maximizing revenue. This streamlined accounting process enables accountants to engage in meaningful activities instead of tedious ones involving many details.



Our IT services at Dynamix Solution are essential in creating flexibility, increasing transparency, and reducing cases of error in documenting files in the legal industry. Lawyers and legal practitioners can now conduct legal research and contract management through the advanced software we have developed and integrated into our secured cloud platform.



Our automated system analytics and robotics help manufacturers get prompt updates with relevant information, stay competitive, connect with prospective suppliers, and reduce unwarranted costs in the manufacturing industry. Dynamix Solutions assists the manufacturing industry by executing software solutions that in aid scheduling, workflow, and inventory monitoring.



Through our IT services at Dynamix, we help the mortgage industry embrace modern standards that align with their processes and assist them in securing happy customers. With these services, the mortgage industry has experienced improved operational efficiency, reduced downtime, and made swift adjustments to regulatory compliance alongside streamlining mortgage preapprovals, underwriting, and loan processing.



Our managed IT services help enhance your technological platforms and interfaces in order to help you attract customers as we manage your IT infrastructure. Your organization will experience a boost in productivity, guaranteed network security, and more effortless scalability essential for fostering better operability.


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